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First Springer project - Recon MK2 - Pump grip help

hey foam flingers,

I'm taking a break from building flywheels and trying my hand at a springer primary and am in need of some help.

plan is to make a brass breach recon mk2 (cosmetically pleasing without a massive paint job) with a vertical pump grip.
Thanks to mag212s brass breach guide and an old recon as a test subject I am happy attempting the breach but its the pump grip that I need some help with.

now I could go buy a pump grip from either gavinfuzzy (doesn't give me a vertical grip thu) or a worker one but the cost of these is a bit hard to swallow so I am wondering if anyone has come up with homemade alternatives.

I'm thinking some meccano curved strips, doubled up, to reach from the bolt sled to the modulus handle I'm using attached to a retaliator barrel but until I get the strips I'm not sure how rigid they are and how they will cope with the an upgraded spring, haven't decided what spring that will be yet.

any advice or past experience tips welcome!!!

Ditch mecanno for 3mmx15 ali flat bar or   stainless 3mm x 12mm which is harder, note that stuff is hard for drilling! Use an HSS quality engineering bit.
Much as I hate to link to another source there's lots of grip designs here or on Google.
Gavin's grip is good enough that by the time you spent nearly the 38 or so it cost to buy one of his in materials you might as well have bought it. Vertical handles are over rated.

thanks for the reply but ive not got the tools to be able to drill at that level so that may not be an option for me.

another option ive got is using pvc tubing but i was saving that solution for my longstrike project

after running an eat and rampage I prefer the full grip rather than an open palmed one for pump blasters plus I really like the way it looks so it may be have to be a worker kit and if i am going to spend 40 quid on the standard one i may consider spending the extra 20 for the new model with integrated barrel attachment, if i can find the budget for it!!!

Just for info the Gavinfuzzy grip can easily cope with a 10(ish) kg spring load.

Not sure bent Meccano could.

What you need to "drill at that level" is a drill (hand drill will work if you are an energetic person) and a drill bit, which is about 2.
If you own no tools and can't use them I would save up for a kit or ask Santa for one, Gavin is on this forum, is super helpful and his kit is easy to use and fit.

Too impatient for a hand drill and i never remember to charge my drills battery!!
Plenty of wood and masonry bits, not sure if they'd go through alli bar but hey I'll give it a go!!

Just need to find some flat bar that isnt stupidly expensive and attracts the wife's attention

I told you to use an HSS bit for a reason.  they are for metal, masonry bits and wood bits are not.
What is the point of asking for advice then entirely ignoring it?
The aluminium flat bar I linked you is under 3.

As far as drilling Ali and giving it a go with a masonry or wood bit don't even bother.
Wood bits have the completely wrong cutting edge and are not hard enough, similar for the masonry bit. The wedge type section on the drill tip is designed for a reason to go through masonry!!!!
For most metals you need as already advised a HSS bit (High Speed Steel) and for drilling stainless steel they will work but drill slowly with lots of pressure and preferably with cutting solution lubricant to stop the drill overheating and losing it's hardness.
So best bet stick to Ali and get some cheap HSS drills.

You want to drill the Ali slowly as well, if you drill it too fast it melts rather than cuts and causes the drill bit to both get clogged up and go blunt.

Top advice gents. I keep forgetting mist people don't have an industrial pillar drill! Stainless is really hard. That's why I linked ali first.

Agree the best way to drill stainless is on a pillar drill but even then as stainless can come in different degrees of hardness, sometimes even HSS won't touch stainless. We have stainless everywhere at work (food factory) and some HSS drills bits won't touch it. We have to use good quality Colbolt drill bits and again even then have to be carful and use plenty of cutting fluid.

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