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First Xzeus V2 in the UK

I thought you guys might like to see my new toy.

I believe it's the first one to arrive on our island.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Internals are the same as posted in the previous longshot post "This is My Longshot..." ( )  I've just transplanted the same internals, atm it's running the 18kg Xplorer spring with a stock spring on the outside. It's currently hitting 230 fps with cut down Acc Darts.

I've got an artifact hunterkit on the way which I was going to couple with the Xzeus, once it comes i'll rebuild another to 24kg's for super powers.


Nice - if I had the cash I'd be tempted - what internals have you put in it?

Sniper status confirmed! Smile

If you don't mind saying, how much did that all cost?

They're in the link l_man.

Cheers - link was added by stealth edit Smile

I did a pre-order on this for 150$ Singapore Dollars, so roughly 110 ish pounds.

They just done a black friday sale for 75$ I'm not sure if there are any more available but that was a great price.

The RRP price for these is 135$ USD If im not mistaken.

For what you get I think it's great value, shell is really nicely constructed much stronger then the normal longshot shells..

It's not 100% perfect but for me it's great when you think the original Xzeus V1 cost 500 ish dollars and it was cnc'd this is great alternative really affordable and provides you with a really durable shell.

I've got a second on the way xD I'm an addict. Sad

They are now $75, the plan from the company is to sell complete blasters @ $150 and unassembled blaster kits with complete xplorer internals @ $135. To me this makes a lot of sense and worth $150 tfor a noob to have a bad ass blaster.

If that is the case then hell yeah it's a great deal!! the shell alone is worth the money in my opinion, but if you get a kit to go with it? that's brilliant!
UK Foam

This is insane! I've bought one too! How long did yours take to arrive?

Wondering how much point it is to build over 200fps? Don't the darts just fishtail like crazy?

Cut down, they might not...

Cut down darts will not fishtail at 200 fps.

Sorry for the late reply guys.

It took roughly 2 moths to arrive (possibly more), this is because I pre ordered it on release, I was actually JET X's first customer to make a purchase. (it arrived the week before I made my post so if u remember then u can work it out more accurately Razz)

But it was worth the wait, I have another en route which they posted at the beginning of the month I expect to see it in early January that way I won't be disappointed and if it comes earlier then great!

I use cut down darts, so "stefens" and I also have a rifled muzzle on the end of the barrel which lowers the fps slightly but it does help with accuracy.

Now it's not a sniper rifle it's still a Nerf gun and you won't be hitting a bulls eye from 150ft away but it is considerably accurate considering, i've never seen a more accurate one.

I intend to buy the JetCedar which is the retaliator version also.

I also intend to up the spring load from 20kg -24kg with the new NerfTurf springs and hopefully i will be able to hit that 280 fps mark.

It's a beauty of a blaster and I highly recommend it. If anybody needs advice or recomendations with regards to this or longshots I'll be more then happy to accomodate!

Please note, you will have to cut down your catch spring a little because the clearance for this is less than a stock longshot, but you won't regret it! just cut a little off at a time until it's perfect. (CAUTION: DO NOT PUT ALL SCREWS IN BEFORE TESTING) you will not want to open it again, check twice cut once!
UK Foam

Was hoping mine would be here for christmas! but I ordered it early November so possibly not!

I'm going to used a 3d printed lipless longshot bolt so I can use full length darts with a universal style breech! I'll probably run 8-14kg so it is easy to prime and acceptable at most UK games!

So I have a "sleeper" breech Longshot currently with a 14kg oz nerfnerd spring and a stock spring on the outside of it. I'll be replacing it with the 16kg nerfturf spring when it arrives.

I've used someting called a Tornado cup, it was made by blaster mod shop and it was a 3d printed piece with a oring on the rim and an oring for kind of padding also.

Spencer from Australia has been working on replicating it but better, and he has done so successfully I can find out how much hes charging but it wont be much he makes fantastic breeches also!

I'm not convinced about the lipless tbh mate, everyone likes them but I can't personally see the benefit of cutting up the PT...

Maby if I found a piece of pvc identicle in ID/ OD i would try it but that's all lel:P

Honestly the shells themselves are not all that exciting to me but this company is really starting to impress me by making their own breech to stand out from just being a cheap version of xplorer. It's supposed to be for both full and half length darts and uses a really nice interlocking system. That and the fact that they will be selling fully assembled blasters makes them stand out as a company to keep an eye on.

I have seen this!

They will be sending me one to test when they finish prototyping.

I can't wait will give u guys all some pictures / updates when it arrives.

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