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The Dark Kitten

Flush bonding

I'm currently working on a pump-action retaliator and want a rail where there is blank space on the main blaster, but i want a clean flush finish on it without any residue or untidiness.
How would i approach this? Can i just use devcon and it'll still be nice and tidy/

Many thanks

Devcon, a thin layer. Or screw it on from the back.

Screwing one on from the inside is your best bet. It can be a faff to line everything up right but it's the strongest way to do it.

Rapidstrike side rails are great for this. They're fairly short and the have one screw and a lug so they're really easy to fit. I can send you one if you like.
The Dark Kitten

PM sent
Yes Screwing on seems like an easier time to be honest then it allows me flexibility later to see if i want pictinny or otherwise.

Thank you for the excellent advise both of you!


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