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Flywheel dimensions

Does anyone have the inner dimension for the flywheels (the part that makes contact with the dart)? I tried searching but could only find the outer dimension?


Please use full sentences and punctuation when posting questions. It keeps things looking tidy and makes it easier to parse what you're asking. Smile Thank you -Boff


Inner diameter or the outer diameter but measured around the centreline of the flywheel?

If it's the latter then, based on average measurements of the flywheels I have, Worker RS/Stryfe flywheels are approximately 33.6mm dia., Rayven flywheels are approximately 33.6mm dia. and RS flywheels are approximately 33.3mm dia.. IIRC Boff measured Demolisher and Stryfe flywheels as 33.7mm dia.. I believe Artifact flywheels are slightly larger but I don't have figures.

Thanks, that's exactly what I was after.

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