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Flywheel Motor Cages


I had what I thought was "genius" idea.  Turns out it wasn't.  As some of you will be aware, I got stupidly excited when BlasterParts Flywheels came back into stock at the beginning of the year.  Especially as the company confirmed it was 35mm in diameter... only to be left disappointed with it's tiny stature.

I had a magical moment... what if I could purchase a 3rd party flywheel cage where the motors are mounted 2mm closer together - this would sort of offset the smaller wheel and provide the benefit of the precision flywheels.  Genius, no?

Anyway, I asked around a few places, and final got a response from Alice Coatduck on FaceBook.  We conversed and I was intrigued by one of her high crush flywheel cages.  So I placed an order.  

Now before I go into more about that, I had another genius idea... at least after searching the forum, I think it's pretty good.  We focus a lot of attention on the flywheel, and whilst we care about the cage, I could not find any specs, here or elsewhere, on the distance between the motors... doesn't matter if your flywheels are awesome if the motors are too far apart... right?

So I propose to start off a list or catalogue of motor spindle distances whilst in the cage.  Who's with me?

BTW - if this is on here somewhere and I missed it, give me a kick.

So first off, I measured the stock cage from a Stryfe I had handy:

That's 45.52mm.

Next I was able to "borrow" a Red Artifact Cage from L11 for science:

That's a little tighter than stock at 45.45mm.

And then there is the Alice cage I was intrigued by.  The print quality is good, but a little rough around the edges - nothing a file won't fix.

As you can see, it's the tightest crush of the 3 cages I've been able to test at 45.14mm - but a whooping 1.6mm off where I want it to be to make the BP wheels worth more than nice looking pretty things.  I'm not dissing the cage, let me make that clear... stick some Worker wheels in here and I'd be happy with the results (I think I would anyway...).

So my genius idea is just that, an idea.

Anyway, I'd like you to get your calipers and cages out and show me what you got! A nerfing call to SCIENCE!

Buy hooligan flywheels, problem solfed. Incidentally testing by Eli who makes those ridiculous two stage brushless blasters, indicates that closing the crush on blasterparts wheels still doesn't make them as good as flatter profile wheels like Artifact.

I like this. It's good to have a database of cage dimensions. What would be better is if we can get some chrono data with the various flywheel/cage combinations.

I see that Worker have just announced a flywheel cage too which is pretty exciting.

I have been trying to measure all the available wheels but between events, work and other stuff it's been proving difficult. I have all the available wheels, artifact red and stock cages. 3d printed cages are not consistent enough in the tolerances IMO for a valid comparison to be made.

I agree ON. 3d printed cages are consistent enough. But thought it was worth including as I had it.

I've also resigned myself to the fact that the Blasterparts wheels will never be what I want them to be 😔

The stupidity of Blasterparts is no longer a problem provided the Hooligan wheels are machined to the tolerances they tell me they are. If that is the case then BP wheels can be reserved for deliberate performance dropping.
I have zero loyalty to any particular maker, I will go where the best quality is. I will add my measurements to the pool as well. We could do with a range of measurements and average , that way people can see how much variance there is in the cages.
UK Foam

Jangular has released a video in which he talks about a new 3d printed cage where the motors are mounted into the cage with orings. This supposedly allows the flywheels to move/flex around various dart diameters, which could potentially add more/less crush for more consistent fps; however, the intention was to create a high crush cage that will reliably feed fvjs . See the link below.

Pics or it didn't happen... This is my RS DRS cage in my stryfe. The fly wheel mounting points definitey wider that stock; thus, I have measured from motor axle to motor axle in the second picture. This is, however, a canted cage. I know most are not in favour of canted but considering no one has done sufficient research, I'll take my chances them for now (innocent until proven guilty).

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