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Foam Dart Thunder - East Kilbride - Saturday 7th May

I've finally made it through to the West of Scotland Smile

I'll be replicating our Transgression Park events in East Kilbride which should satisfy those players who already travel to Edinburgh from as far away as Kilmarnock!

Tickets will be on sale in the next few days - here's the venue:

Hopefully we'll meet some Britnerfers there Smile

Update: ticket link here:

Great news!

Looks a great venue,
Can't wait

Really looking forward to this, should be a great night and I'll try drum up as much support as possible as E.K is my home town and know plenty of people that should be interested..

Cheers Al - yeah I studied in the West so gonna round up some Uni chums as a lot of them have kids now Smile

Taken me a few weeks but the war video is up Smile

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