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Foam Dart Thunder - Leeds - Sat 4th March

We're very excited to announce that tickets for our first event outside Scotland are now on sale for Britnerfers and GuNners!

This is a private ticket sale at this point to allow members of both communities to bag tickets ahead of the general public, at the request of Justajolt.

To that end, the ticket link will be posted in the Members Only forum until further notice, so if you intend on coming along please have a look there.  

Cheers Smile

Ticket booked!

Awesome! cant wait, digs are booked.

The tickets for this event are now on sale to all - here's the link!

And I've also booked the hotel - can't wait!


We've had a wee spike in sales - up to 14 now with a month to go Smile

Any other britnerfers heading over,

would be good to put faces to names.

Sales are up to 19 now - slow and steady Smile


Sales up to around 30.

Walkups will be available this Saturday at the moment!

Yup 31 so over half sold - great for our first event down south.


39 tickets sold now for this tomorrow. Hope to get even more with walk ups.


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Thats going to make for a good game.

Tactical holdall packed!

Ha! Excellent news. Knew we'd get there in the end Smile

Roll on tomorrow.....

Just a quick note to say thanks for putting this on, it was the first organised Nerf event i've been to and both myself and my kids had a blast.

Glad you came and enjoyed the evening. Leeds is a hot bed of Nerf activity at the moment. Make the most of it!

Just for future reference post game analysis and comments usual go in the after action sub forum.

We have a thread for FDT Leeds here that you are welcome to post on.

See you at the next one or one of the many other Leeds Nerf events!

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