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Foam Dart Thunder - Leeds!!

I'm currently on the train back up to Edinburgh from Leeds and am thrilled to announce that in Q1 next year FDT will be running our first ever skate park event outside of Scotland at The Works in Leeds.

Justajolt and I have thrashed out the details and it's looking like early March (once we consult family diaries to confirm). The skate park couldn't be more accommodating so it's looking like a winner all round.

I should add this is the first time Jolt and I have met and he's a thoroughly nice chap Smile

I'm really excited to see where this could go as we both have loads of ideas for that park - it's unlike any venue I've seen with a main skate area, a separate massive ramp room off to one side and a viewing gallery hanging above which stretches across the middle of the park from the ceiling that can be incorporated into scenarios! There are so many small areas of cover to hide in, and several routes through the park/between the areas.

Roll on March Smile

The Works is more than just a skate park, it provides alternative education, and the owner is a great bloke. Good luck with this

This is awesome news. Onwards and upwards!

Agreed - I was blown away by what they offer there and are they're doing so much good for their community.

Can't wait to get started!

Will try to make it up for this

this sounds exciting !!!!!!


Ahh thats amazing! Count me in on that one

Well done - looking forward to it already!

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