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Foam Dart Thunder TP13

Another awesome Foam Dart Thunder event for TP 13,
We took a squad full through this time, 6 kids, 2 adults and a holdall of modified blasters.

2 rounds of lockdown, 2 more of engineers and a mad 65 person hvz to finnish.

First outing for a few of my mods.
Rebarrelled cycloneshock for my daughter worked a treat. Same for my rotofury firing elites. All the power mods have been done on this one , ive just to add a stock, some rails and maybe a sight. But i was taking people out at range with this , although the accuracy isnt always the best.

Cycloneshock with the shotgun cylinder is trully awesome, just a pity about the reload time. The catch spring didnt hold up the full night though, so ive a little tweaking to do here.

Switched to the cut down guardian crossbow for the last few games. Did just what id asked of it, rangey, super quick to keep loaded up and very easy to move around with.

My mate was running an 8kg longshot that seemed to do well, but like most clip fed guns they're at a disadvantage in this environment (in my opinion)

And finally my mates boy was using the lawbringer, which once you've upgraded the spring is pretty much the perfect foam dart thunder blaster.

Anyway, great event as always.
Thanks to the FDT team, refs and all the other players.


Spill the beans on Lockdown and Engineer gametypes...

Ha ha, you probably already do them or something similar.

Lockdown is sort of like freeze tig and engineer a kind of protect the VIP type game, without giving away any of their trade secrets.

Why not head up and find out 😎


blindgeekuk wrote:

Spill the beans on Lockdown and Engineer gametypes...

No probs BG Smile

Lockdown - if shot a player must remain stationary until receiving a high five from teammate. Aim is to lock down other team. I run this as the first game of every party and war I organise. Gets the blood pumping Smile

Engineer - each team nominates an Engineer (no blaster required) and they must get them to a pre designated point on the opposite side of the arena. Both teams set off at the same time though we run 2 rounds to keep it fair as terrain differs from each base. If a player is shot they must return to base to respawn. If the Engineer is shot, the WHOLE TEAM must return to respawn. Works really well in a mahoosiv skate park where you various routes across the arena Smile


Lockdown is what we call freeze tag. I might knick the name and high five, so theres consistency across UK groups

Engineer is similar to our escort the vip. We give each team a riot shield, and if the vip is shot it's game over

Yeah we used to run Protect the VIP back in our early days. One of our refs played "Engineer" at a laser tag event and brought it back to us.

It's great fun but I need to get a different sounding noise for each team to tell them when they have to respawn - can get a bit confusing!

Yes Rabs shotgun Cyclone shock looked awesome in action and getting a decent range as well. My son was also using a rebarreled Rotofury but was complaining about a lot of misfires and loads of darts just falling short but I've not had a good look at it yet just chucked the worker barrels in not cracked it open yet to tweak it so hopefully will resolve that. Yes I agree the lawbringer is my favorite FDT blaster I love mine, can't wait to paint it up and maybe add a cutdown lawbringer pistol or two to my load out   Smile

Those worker barrels are superb! I got a 5/6 kg (not sure which!) kg spring into my cyclone shock and since the worker barrels hold down air restrictors down all the time anyhow, so no need for further modding for (chrono'd) just under 100 fps! Brilliant!

Where was the 3D shotgun barrel from? Did it misfire enough to make it unusable?

Shotgun cylinder was from custom3d Nerf
Ebay link

I shouldn't look a that again, id blanked out what the thing actually cost me 😨

No real missfires as such very occasionally 1 dart dropped a bit shorter that's it.

Was  an absolute blast to use and highly effective.
Only problem i had was the plunger head slipped off the rod slightly so it wouldn't catch, same problem i had when i upgraded the spring, but thats sorted now.

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