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UK Foam

Follow Me Drone Nerf Footage

I've just invested in a follow me drone to help capture some gameplay footage and holiday filming. The drone is second hand but virtually unused.

My Nerf film gear currently consists of a 3 axis gimbal, fire fly 6s go pro style camera (capable of 4k@30fps, 1080@60fps & 720@120fps) and now this drone with its own camera and 3 axis gimbal includes. In total these two cameras, 2 3-axis gimbal and drone has cost me just 104 more than a single top tier black edition go pro camera.

Footage from the firefly 6s and gimbal can be seen on my channel. In my opinion it is very smooth and should definitely be adopted instead of going with a single gopro brand camera.

I am yet to trial the drone but as they are completely legal in public areas I'd thought I'd give it a go.

Have any of you Nerf camera men had any experience with using drones for Nerf? I am very safety conscious and would want to find a suitable height for filming and also safe for lanky players. I would like to point out that I do not intend to operate this drone at all. It has a GPS follow me feature which also auto stabilises, which will avoid all human error.

I know a few people are going to disagree with drone use. But I am interested in all people's perspectives and believe this would be a great way to view game strategies and errors.

Thanks Pete

Edit: outdoor use only.

A person following each team with a camera on a pole is the cheaper, long duration option. How would you get around going inside/outside at BB type games?
UK Foam

Haha ofcourse but slightly impractical in my opinion!

This is one downside. However in the summer weather when the grass is opened up the outside because a muxh larger proportion. But yes it will be outside use only. The Crescent venue would be much better suited comparing to Downend.

Thanks fir sharing your thoughts!

Also I would buy several spare batteries, duration of those is low. You will get less than 20 mins out of the regular commercial ones. I have a camera operator hopefully for BB.
For a DIY stable solution, check out Rob from Thunderdomes pole rig, also Justin from MTB recommended poles instead of drones in our discord chat about filming.
In my view you can film properly or play properly, not both.

Id like to see it in action and the footage.

I know a guy whos done some offroad / trail running filming. The follow me feature could be pretty cool.

I think the best game play footage, while it might contain first person stuff in the edit is always better if its overall done by someone not playing.

The tracking drone is bound to capture some great stuff though.
UK Foam

Apparently it comes with two batteries that do 27 minutes each. But I'd be happy capturing 2 X 10 minutes games per event.

I'd be intrigued to see this pole method in action, perhaps we could do a massive cola video and all share footage to make an epic war montage (head cams, gyros, drones and poles).

Here is one of my shorter war videos that I think really captures how gun mounted gyro footage looks.

If you're doing "follow me" filming I'd try and get enough bits of footage that can be used to go into a montage video of the whole day, rather than worry about filming an entire game at a time. If you're limited to outside only then you can't really enjoy the game, as you'll be focussing on trying to keep yourself in the action rather than not getting tagged.

Even if you just get half a dozen flyby shots, add this to some PoV game footage and some very quick loadout vids/game review vids, and you'll probably have enough to make a 2-3 minute highlight reel of the day. If you can colab with some footage from other users from the day, even better!

Maybe use it for HvZ rounds and be an OZ zombie, where it won't matter if you're outside; as long as you have an additional starting zombie to stop everyone hiding indoors away from you!
UK Foam

Sent food points treezy. I tend to play more outside especially during hvz. But yes usage my be limited.  A game at the downs Park would be idea for the drone.

That gyro really makes a difference!

I'm seriously looking at a "proper" drone given I've now experimented with a decent toy one that takes a Go Pro. I was gutted when the Lily follow me drone was shelved (those guys are in huge trouble now) as I think follow me drones are a game changer.

Good luck with this and I look forward to seeing the results.
UK Foam

Thanks FDT. What I think is great also is that the drone comes with a camera and a gyro also

Which drone do you have?

I'm looking at a DJI Phantom 3 as they have come down in price since the 4 came out.


UK Foam, here's why I want a proper drone - too much shake:

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