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So for lunch today I had YO SUSHI! it was pretty good, what about you guys what did you have for lunch?

Sausage, mushroom, onion and spinach omelette. Mmmmmm.

I had a rogan josh at MOSI in Manchester. It was alright, too many tomatoes and a bit wee, but still good.


Ah, yeah, that's one of those meal things, I remember those, from before I had kids!

Lunch was homemade humous, with tortilla chips, eaten at about 9pm. It was also breakfast and evening dinner. With work (24/7 IT Support for a recruitment company, and we were doing a server move on saturday night), house work (only 3 loads of washing on sunday), general kid related back to school jobs, and trying to feed 5 kids, including a baby who never sleeps, remebering/having time to eat goes out the window.

The kids on the other hand: baked potato with ratatouille for one twin baked potato with beans a tuna for the other twin, tomato soup with croutons for eldest daughter, beans and sausages on toast for eldest son.

Nothing super great. Just tomato omelette and rice. Was feeling too lazy to cook anything complicated.


Please don't necro old threads, if it's older than 2 weeks please start a new thread; it keeps things fresh. Thank you -Boff


BG - Glad i am not the only that eats when I can and when I do it could be anything. So far had coffee to eat today...

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