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For your safety, check your washing machine!

I would like to make jokes that this damage was done with my new ultimate Nerf ammo, but i haven't even finished the test phase of that yet! (kidding!)

If any of you own a Bush washing machine bought in the last 4-5 years you need to check the Bush product re-call list on their website. This happened to me on Sunday 8th June, 4 years after purchase. Thank god it was 5:30 and we were all wide awake. Also a C02 extinguisher is a really handy tool to have in the house.

Do not leave the washing machine on over night guys. You have been warned.

I have only just finished cleaning the whole house which was covered in a thin layer of black!

Click to Supersize.

Damn, that's not good. Well done for having the equipment to hand to safely tackle that. Glad everyone was ok.

Damn that looks bad! Glad everyone is safe!

Avoid Argos own-brand appliances like the plague! In fact, make that any own-brand appliance.

To be honest you were lucky to get four years out of it (it's probably only designed to last 5 years before it's thrown away anyway).

Glad to hear you're all OK though, no doubt due to your quick actions. It could have been much worse.

Check Your Washing Machine

Hi, Oh no! I just hope this would not happen to my washing machine. I am actually using it weekly for our laundry. Good! that you were able to post it here. I appreciate the warning then because I also have a machine that's almost 5 years now. Got to check it now!

Voltage modz

Hi, bad luck with your washing machine, there blooming expensive bits of kit that you rely on to work all the time,

I'm not sure if you have cover but worth it for the future if not.

I've got a Creda washing machine that is fast approaching 6 years old, but when I bought it, my mate who works for the indesit group as a mobile engineer, advised me to take out a care plan when the warranty expired, I'm glad I did this, in fact I took a kitchen plan out so my cooker , dishwasher and washing machine were all covered for all costs, parts Labour etc, just under 20 a month, if they can't be fixed they'll be replaced with brand new,
Now I here people say that's 240 a year but think of this, I've had the washing machine fixed 3 times now, twice the bearing (whole drum has to be replaced Inc New door seal) and most recently the brushes on the motor went. If I weren't covered just the standard callout charge is 125 before they even look at it. Not counting parts and labour, just the costs of the breakdowns would of cost me 700 in total,

IMO it's totally worth it but then again our washing machine is on almost daily (I've got 4 kids)

Hope you get yours sorted on their recall.

They really don't build them like they used to. We've got an old Zanussi washing machine that we've had for around 30 years and it's still going strong. It's had the odd replacement part in that time but that's about it. Same thing with our microwave and Kelvinator fridge which are both around the same sort of age.

Flaming Bush, you can get a cream for that.

Guys, I posted this months ago. I've had a new washing machine and tuble dryer for ages now. Some Noob just Necro'd the thing. I imagine the Mods will be along soon with the big red box of doom!!


You mean this big red box of doom? Razz

Please don't post in threads older than 2 weeks old, it makes things cluttered and untidy. The exception is of course if you've got something significant to add to the thread. Which there wasn't in this case.

Topic locked.


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