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FS- el cheapo Chronographo X3200

For sale, my little airsoft chronograph, an Xcortech 3200. 25 posted (usually 55 new but it has a hinge broken off the battery door (it stays closed fine, it just falls off when you change batteries) and an Nstrike barrel adaptor glued to it. Makes no difference in use but obviously isn't in new condition...)

If you want it for a regular gaming group, let me know who you are and what it's for and we'll talk charity Wink

This is a tiny little chronograph about the size of a couple of 6 dart clips, with an aperture type reader- ie you fire through a hole in the crono. As a result, it's useless for megas and HIRs. It's fairly awkward to use for Elites, in fact as you need to fire every dart accurately through the aperture.

So, I added an nstrike barrel connector to enable it to be mounted to the front of any blaster with the adaptor. Very tactikewl (don't run and gun with it, it'll fall off!). Makes it a very convenient little thing since it takes up no space and needs no aiming. It is still a pain in the bum with non-adaptor blasters. It's also completely unfussy about dart colour and lighting, due to the contained design, which is quite handy.

A lot's been said about usefulness of these things, mostly by people who've never touched one Wink But it came with good recommendations from MakeTestBattle, who used one in older vids. So I ran about 50 shots through it and my Shooting Chrony at the same time, and the results were actually pretty damn good- The Xcortech underreads slightly compared to the Chrony, by a max of 0.9% and an average of .3% (and a min of 0%). For comparison a prochrono claims an accuracy of +/- 1%.

(aside; people also criticise the chrony but with this level of consistency on 2 devices clearly it's giving repeatable quality results and no wildcards. Good stable nonflicker lighting seems to be the key here)

Are they accurate? Well they're in ballpark- blasters that you'd expect to shoot around 70fps, shoot around 70fps. There may well be a deviation between this and a Caldwell or Prochrono so you should bear this in mind if doing outright comparisons and dyno queen willy waving. And people may doubt your results regardless because you're not using the more "industry standard" kit, which is fair enough, for comparison you want proven comparable kit.

But what it is definitely good for, is personal comparisons- so if you want to see which of your blasters is better, or which mods are improving or not, it does the job. Frinstance I used it for all of my koosh dart colour testing.

So- be realistic about what it is- it's not top end, but it's a usable, cheap gadget that I've had a lot of fun out of. Thought I'd try it here before it goes on Ebay.



Would it be ok for using at the kids  modshops we're going to run.
Thinking they'd like to see some chrony before and after figures.

How easy would it be for them to use under supervision?

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