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FV3805 Restoration

Just found out about this. If you have any interest in restoring an FV3805 prototype artillery or skills in engineering/ project maintenance It will also be on kickstarter soon. (sorry if this seems like an advert but I thought people would be interested)

In case non world of tanks players are wondering what the hell that is, it's one of these

Thanks oldnoob for the help and yes people are actually restoring one of them.

IThis is actually something I have a keen interest in but I have purposefully steered well clear of. The last thing I need is another expensive hobby.

One of my work colligues has a FV432, two REO M35s and a Landrover 101 which I am helping him with.

Having said all that, do you know where these guys are based? If it's close I could pop along and have a chat.

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