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Games in Public Spaces During Raised Threat Level

Thanks to those of you who chatted about this on discord. This is not an official Britnerf team post, it's my personal thoughts as an experienced organiser. Please have a read and DO pay games outside. Cancellations are a victory for scare tactics.
1- DO call 101 a day or two ahead to make plod aware of where you are and what you are doing. You don't need their permission to run an event, but making their job easier and being responsible is a must.

2- DO have a nominated moderator (remember you aren't an event organiser or promoter, as those may incur charges and hassle with local authority events policy.) That person is the police contact, give their number to 101 and stress you have measures to regulate players and will ensure no ANTI SOCIAL behaviour. The moderator should be prepared to deal with any member of the public and be diplomatic. If someone has a real problem with what you are doing, call HOLD, move away and invite them to call PLOD, DO NOT get in a row with someone, it's not worth it.

3- BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ON BLASTER SAFETY. Ensure NO realistic or black painted blasters are on the field and remember that the new law on KE is now in force, so any springer or air blaster over 130fps will be classed as an AIR RIFLE or similar and it is thus an offence to use or wave one around in a public space. We do not want to be this laws test case, be smart. I am temporarily banning ALL FIREARM OUTLINE body kits, whatever the colour at my game until things calm down.

4- Ask players to consider being sensitive with their clothing and gear. Certain sections of joe public will be super alert and more snowflake than usual, so respect this and tone down tacticool WHILST THE ADDITTIONAL ALERT is in place, think sports not "combat sports" if possible. If you have a camo rig (I do) then wear something brighter with it. You have the absolute right to dress how you want BUT scaring people who are already twitchy is DBAD and not good for the hobby. We are all peaceful people who love playing with toys, let's reflect that.

5- Respect sensitive subjects- The Leeds games have stopped all games which reference bombs for the time being, this is a good idea. You DO NOT want the word "BOMB" being shouted in a park right now.

The above should not be taken as a surrender in the face of issues caused by assholes. I am just keen that people act responsibly and with care for the wider community in the present situation.


All great guidelines until we get through this. Can I also suggest anyone playing games like Assassins, or just generally playing with Nerf in public reconsider concealed carry of blasters?

Thanks for the post, all reasonable things to bear in mind. Will be going ahead with mine as normal and just reiterating the blaster/gear colour stuff.

Yes I agree, let's not let this hamper any games but we definitely need to be sensible ( as we usually are) about it. Dropping bomb related games and overly tactical gear is definitely a good idea and public and police liaisons will be crucial to keep everyone safe and keep it fun.

Well done to those of you going ahead with your games. We need to keep playing and to be seen doing so safely.
My game is tomorrow too, so there's a few of us out this weekend. Hope the sun shines.

That's great information!

Living in the Forest of Dean, with loads of open spaces and picnic areas, I'm spoiled for choice for places to run around with Nerf blasters. I'm hoping to arrange a few low key games during the warmer weather; this adds to the precautions I've already been planning to put into place.

Don't they eat outsiders in the Forest?
Source, outlaws are both born within 100 of St Briavels.

All great tips, so sad what happened in Manchester but in the UK this has sadly been around for decades.

It is good to remind some of the young'uns about the common sense we had to learn due to similar horrors from the IRA and security around it.

I would also suggest being careful leaving questionable duffel bags full of tactical kit/props/wires&lipos open in cars or unattended in public unless you want plod/ bomb squad show up.

That is a very good point about bags. Also remember Lipo doesn't like higher temps, take only what packs you will be using in your game loadout if leaving them in a car when it's sunny.

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