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The Dark Kitten

Gavinfuzzy As Innovative as Ever
Another just watch but this is seriously smart.
The use of the trigger guard as the mag release is very very cleaver.
With gavin pumping (no pun intended) out so much brilliant aftermarket stuff we have a great year ahead of us.


The other thing to remember is he's under 20! That should be a reminder to the rest of you to sharpen up those skills and take tech more seriously in school or get more familiar with Cad.
2 ordered!

Yeah, he makes some seriously cool stuff! That mag release trigger guard is super cool!
The Dark Kitten

I've got my pump retal kit on the way and he is just amazing a real inspiration
ON - You have got an excellent point. If he can run an online store, design, sell and ship in one go and be under 20 then we should be doing so much more as a collective

Let's get good at cad!

It's fine to be good with CAD and general model making but the real trick is producing stuff that can actually be printed.  I get at least one enquiry a week from someone going "Can you print this?" and I look at it and go 'lolno'.

Plus, we shouldn't do ourselves out of due credit. BritNerf has led the way on a lot of stuff and the UK community consistently punches above its weight. Plus we have the added bonus of producing stuff for blasters that are current rather than continuing to flog the dead horse that is the Longshot... ;p

In Singapore the Longshot is king Smile Yes, good ol British engineering is alive and well, just look at the 8 shot hammershot or the rapid pistol kit! Something is rising in the East though, the Nerf scene in China is insane, those little dudes are nuts for Nerf!

They also use some of the worst batteries and wiring in the world. I wouldn't copy any of their technical practice. Plus making Nerf look like real steel is a very bad idea IMO, even though it's clever how it's done.
We do have to thank the Chinese NIC for cheap darts and afternarket flywheels and metal cages though.

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