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Get a grip..

So I have hands of the larger persuasion. I'm 6'3" they are in proportion. I don't have a problem with them at all. They're.. Handy.

I am one of those people who find the Modulus grip uncomfortable though,  so as part of Project Ambition I was going to amputate that and replace with another.  I have a Stryfe ready to donate,  but I want to ask...
...has anyone with big hands got a favourite blaster grip (flywheel preferably)?
...does anyone know of a way to improve the comfort of the Modulus's grip whilst maintaining a clean aesthetic?

I mean,  the Stryfe grip and Modulus grip are basically the same without the cuts in the modulus one (see photo below) so I'd like to do better if I can or not potentially waste the Stryfe if I don't need to.

What's your palm width and hand length? We can't compare based on 'in proportion' because you'd be amazed at how much variance is in that population. Smile For example, my palm length (from wrist to tip of middle finger) is 190mm and my palm width (the distance between the bones that form your proximal knuckles) is 79mm. Based on that, I find the Rapidstrike and Stryfe grips to be perfectly adequate for me.

The main difficulty with the Modulus isn't so much the size, it's those bloody stupid cuts to make it a 'skeleton grip'. When chronographing the damn thing it was so bad I had to go and dig out my leather tactical gloves that I use for dealing with gorse and undergrowth at GC.

If I'm measuring right, about 198mm palm length and 100mm palm width based off these measure points :

Those are the correct measuring points. Smile Your hands are a good bit bigger than mine in that case. Anyone else help a chap out with comparison?

I'm at the taller end of the bell curve for population height.

Hands are in proportion to the rest of me.

I can't get on with the stryfe at all and the rapid strike doesn't work - both too short. Demolisher is slightly better, but the longest grip I've found is on the Retaliator, which is part of the reason I love 'em so much Smile

I could probably live with the Stryfe grip (and by extension a modded Modulus grip) , though the bottom curve is a little early for my pinkie and I have to depress the trigger a little too close to my palm for it to be perfect. Maybe I can mod the trigger mech to make it a shorter pull... I'll have to take a look. I wonder if the Rival or Mega line have bigger grips being designed for adults/chunkier.


Boff wrote:

Yeah, I can easily imagine developing a blister it digs in so much.


Again, please don't double post. Edit your previous post if you want to add new information. Oh and quotes longer than your reply aren't great, either. Code of Conduct is here. -Boff

EDIT # 2:

Fair cop. First time offender,  I'll make sure it's the last.

Rotofury grip is prettly large as is a longshots.
I'll take a couple of measurements and post up a few pics tomorrow.

##EDIT pics included now##

The rotofury has a massive grip, not sure the angle of it would suit but who knows and obviously oud need to get a rev trigger in there.

Thanks for that Rab! Think I need to get to a toys r us or some such and just fondle them.

I like the size of the modulus grip so was going to try and round off the edges to make it more comfortable to use, may reconsider if this turns out well

I'd have to fondle one first.. And I've got a lot of reading to do first but the idea of a CycloneShotgun/SpamCannon master key came up when we were discussing the master key for this build which I like the thought of for a future project. That big turret/cylinder on the front looks like an engine for an old prop plane or something.. But for me pistol masterkeys tend to look a little like, a pistol stuck to a rifle so id want to relieve it of it's grip, but it's not slam fire so I'd have to work out some alternative trigger mech and I'd have to size one to see whether it'd fit aesthetically and physically with the modulus.. So maybe I'll leave the choices on the grip until last when I can give some thought to the possible cycloshotgun masterkey mod.. Still a ways off completing this one Smile

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