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Gimmick time!

What's your favourite gimmick blaster or accessory?

I'm loving the split strike and the corner sight is still a household fav.

What I bought as a gimmick has pretty much become my primary. With its blasterparts spring and lasergnomes singled shell, it hits above the 100fps line is accurate and is a great scavenge from the floor blaster

Nowhere near as fast firing as a jampage/eat/retaliator, but can take the same basic bsuk upgrade. You look and feel pretty bad ass with the lever action and unless there's a BritNerfer at a WolfPack event, is hitting harder than the loaners / players own blasters

The Centurion is my favourite gimmick/stupid blaster. Not great performance, no upgrade potential, slow firing, noisy, unnecessarily complex mechanism, stupidly big, and great fun to use while pretending to be a sneepar!

I really, really wanted the Nitron scope, but when I finally got one I realised it was huge and totally pointless. The flashy lights inhibit being able to actually look down the scope. Similarly, the red dot sight is pretty pointless, and is too bulky and unstable to even be worth the tacti-cool points for me.

Red dot sight is one if my favourite things, I know it doesn't actually help much but always love to pop one on the top rail before entering battle.

I like Rey's baster, no use at all but good fun Razz

As to gimmicks, does the Longstrike barrel count?
Welsh Mullet

The Deploy's.... deploy?

Same with the Rebelle secret shot, love a bit of deployment action

I get way too much fun out of the deploy!

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