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Girls Nerf Party Ideas

So, my 9 year old has declared that she wants a Nerf gun party in a few month for her 10th birthday... not a problem from my pov, but the missus has said that they can't just spend 90 minutes hooting each other and it has to have a structure... she is a spoil sport...

My daughter and I have come up with:

Every one chooses a pistol from our selection on arrival, and gets assigned, on an alternating basis to blue and red team and gets a ribbon tied to them so they know. Then theres a selection of what would normally be considered 'boys' stuff to get dressed up into, camo caps, bandanas, sweatbands, ammo belts, chest rigging, and we have people on hand to do face paints.
We'll have a decent photographer friend on hand to take the girls photos in a 'strike a pose' area, and then they can go decorate a paper plate target.

Once everyone is armed, dressed, and done a plate, we'll set the targets up and have them fire at them to get used to the guns...

Then onto an obstacle course:
We're hiring a large church hall, so we can setup two long courses side by side, a sprint, crawl under some team coloured netting, weave around some inflatable obstacles, and then take aim at a mixture of targets... stacked cups, plastic army men etc, then run back to the team, hand over the gun, that will need to be reloaded and the next in the team does it. Fastest team wins.

Then onto statues:
Rearrange the battlefield while the girls have a drink, and have a base with spare bullets and a variety of blasters and some barriers to hide behind. The teams shoot at each other, with the aim being to turn all the players on the other team into statues. If you get hit you have to freeze like a statue, if you get hit again you can move again... (daughters suggestion, I think she wants to shoot her teammates).

Break up for some food

And then a capture the flag type game, with an inflatable bomb:
Similar setup to the statues game, bases, barriers, but there is a centre point with a bomb in it that they must get back to their base to score. If you get shot, you have to return to your base to respawn. If you are holding the bomb, you can't shoot and have to drop it if shot. We've got permission to use smoke machines, so i'm going to use them on this game.

The missus seems happy enough that there's not much shooting at each other, and that what there is is broken up by the food.


Sounds great! Why is your wife against the kids shooting at each other though? Nerf blasters can't seriously harm someone (stock, that is) or else Hasbro's law team would never let them manufacture it.

ScoutsIX-3 wrote:
Sounds great! Why is your wife against the kids shooting at each other though? Nerf blasters can't seriously harm someone (stock, that is) or else Hasbro's law team would never let them manufacture it.

She's a hormonal pregnant woman with a rod up her arse about risk assessments in girl guiding...
She also thinks i'm childish for playing with toy guns, and that i'm wasting money on them...
So who knows what goes on in a woman's mind!

I would buy everyone a simple set of safety glasses, I an a former professional youth worker, I still run monthly kids games, with lots of shooting eachother. Specs stop the simple dart in the eye injury. I ran games, sometimes 3 a week, with kids aged 9-19 and never had a single injury. I also stress simple things like aiming for centre mass, no running (always be in control of your movement, so you can stop!) no shooting at less than arms length, back away instead, no jumping over obstacles and go low and wide on doorways.
I would also get a pile of equal sized cardboard boxes for building obstacles and forts out of. Freeze tag is also great fun, good to see that in there, I make my players kneel down when hit, to make it obvious. I am not a fan of capture the flag or variants, people always run and never drop the flag when hit. Smoke machines are awesome, I used them all the time.
I would also try a variation of kill the core, where each side sets up their targets on top of their first, then both sides try to shoot them off each others bases, that would give you double use out your plate targets.
With the bomb mission, you could switch it to "Enders Game" where they have to get the ball carrier into the enemy end zone. The carrier only moves when they have another player put a hand on their shoulder. We played a variation where the carrier had a foam football that they had to throw into a box with a circular hole in to score, if they missed they went back to the start line. You play one team of attackers, one of defenders, then switch.
Have fun, also try out your games with your family first! Gets the bugs out and everyone is familiar with the rules.

yup, safety glasses are already on order, as someone who is partially sighted (hence the forum name), I take potential vision loss seriously

Yeah, King of the Hill is better than Capture the Flag. CTF is fine on your console or PC but a ball ache to moderate in meat-space. BUZAN stopped playing it in favour of KOTH a long old time ago. A set of chess clocks works or a ref with a pair of stop watches to total the time each team has had the hill.

Seconded on the eye protection front. As a first aider, my least favourite injuries are eye injuries. Open fractures, 3 month festering bed sores, puking blood and 'coffee beans' due to fractured ribs, I've seen it all but eyes creep me out. Very Happy

My suggestion: Nuts to that, if they wanna run around shooting eachother with Nerf guns, then that's what they shall do.

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