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UK Foam

Gold Paint for a Gold AK47 Stryfe?

Hello Nerf Addicts,
Some of you may know from Bristol Bristol Blast that I have turned to the dark side of rival; however, my main dart primary is a stryfe and I do still enjoy using dart blasters. The stryfe has been evolving over time and is nearing the time for paint job.

The mods include: Logo removal, handle scales filed flat, lots of view holes (moving parts to be covered with clear plastic), 3d printed parts (as seen in the photo below), DRS rapidstrike cage, XP180 motors and an extended pusher (to aid worn darts going through).

I have since decided that I would to create an Kalashnikov out of it. This blaster, as a result of this, will become some what realistic. I, therefore, fully intent to keep all of the orange 3d print parts orange on the blaster itself. The Kalashnikov  front barrel that I have ordered is also orange with a black inner barrel (see photo below).

I will also be using the slightly less popular worker stock, which will also be orange.

As you have probably already gathered now, this blaster will be very very orange. My question to you is... would a gold body clash with the orange 3d printed parts horrifically and what paint would be best to use?

I have seen some awful silver chrome paint before and would like a nice gold colour that I could coat with a nice glossy clear coat after.

Thanks Pete

This image is of an airsoft toy that I have attacked in Microsoft paint. Hopefully this might help you visualise the end result.

Disclaimer: This is not my style at all. I have know idea why I'm doing this Laughing Laughing Laughing


If you want proper gold then I use gold leaf. Nearly all supposed "gold paint" is rubbish in my experience.

In car stuff you will often see gold dip used, like this which can be further enhanced with metaliser to deepen the finish.

I like gold leaf, it's tricky to do but gives a really nice finish if done right. In either case you will need to sand, etch and prime the surface first, as if you were doing paint. Leaf can be lacquered over. Plasti Dip requires a dedicated dip clear, buy from the same place as you get your dip.

Personally I'm not a fan of the gold and orange together, I would go for red instead of orange to give it a better contrast and black/red/gold go well together.
UK Foam

Gold leaf sounds tricky to get right and I am a little OCD.

Perhaps I should buy a gold spray paint and trialgo  it on the old battery tray door and if it is no good go for another colour.

Do you think gold is utterly ridiculous or would it have an amusement factor?

IMO nothing looks worse than badly painted gold. It's do it right or paint it a different colour.
As I said before I have never seen a good gold spray.
Practice gold leaf on scrap shells. All paint is hard, that's why decent painters charge a ton of money for it!
Gold is ridiculous, that's the point of it, its bling turned up to 11. You could wood dip some of those parts too.
I have no problem with the look, you are going to be in imitation firearm territory anyway unless you go full hot rod, I would do super realistic gunmetal and gold. BB is a closed event, you are fine with that there. If you intend to run around a park with it, don't make an AK or go gold metalflake with wild red candy details instead!

Edit - just clicked the video link above...that's me! Smile

Well I did a gold leaf stryfe last year and can say that the effect is great. Here's a work in progress shot showing off the gold.

Unfortunately I had an issue with the glue used and my own ability when doing a second layer of gold leaf (seamed like a good idea at the time) so I had to mask the issues by dirtying up the blaster.

I agree that I've never seen a decent gold paint and that gold leaf really works well, would I do it again? Probably not to a whole blaster. One thing of note if you do go down this path is to make sure you really get some good protective coats of  lacquer over that gold. I've not really treated my blaster any more carefully than an unpainted one and it shows.

I've actually bought some fluorescent green paint for when the gold is looking too shabby and I need to sand it down and redo.

Quick tip I learned from from restoring Transformer toys. If you're not looking at a large area then actually gold of silver sharpies are often better than paint.

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