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Greencloaks 4 - Hype thread!

It is that time again, one week until we all face the One Bakkar once more...

This time I am going to focus on streamlining my kit, being loaded up with everything under the sun was awesome... However it really impeded movement and combat. More water and more loose darts will be order of the day along with swapping 35 drums for 18 sticks.

That being said, always important to keep IC roleplaying high so might have to factor in some weight for tacticoolness.

What is everyone else planning?

Sgt Blake is going to try and not go nuts as his home-world burns around him and the TSA loses functional control of the place. If we're not careful, we're going to end up in a Pandora style situation with One Bakkar shelling disparate of TSA soldiers turned bandits from orbit. I've got a whole bunch of plot-sticks here that I need to disseminate among the MPs. Our case load is nice and varied this event with some interesting things coming to pass.

On a kit front, I've added facilities for loose ammo to Alice so she now has a pouch next to my magazines where people can cycle loose darts through from my back. That's as a direct result of our exchange at last event, OP. Razz  I've also added one to my belt along with a canteen so I have a water supply when I've not got the almighty assault pack on my back. I've also gone to the effort of adding more waterproofing to me. E4 traditionally experiences problems with rain so I've added a DPM poncho to sit over my rig. I need to practice reloading blind so I can do it under the poncho and keep my blaster and ammo dry.

Good call getting rid of the drums, they're horribly space inefficient - 18 mags are awesome and not as hard to reload as you might expect.

I'ma blow my other leg up with space magic!

4533josh wrote:
I'ma blow my other leg up with space magic!

Just no. No you're not. I have, however, got all my recording kit handy so I can monitor your ritual. Razz I still can't find my damned 3S LiPo for my Stryfe, it's a real pain in the arse. >.<

Thanks Baeff <3 see you on site tomorrow at 12:30 if all goes to plan!

Hell in a fucking hand-cart that was a long weekend. I want it on record that I hate the Elite Alpha Trooper. With a fucking vengeance. Why?

1: Forget 3S LiPo for Stryfe (again)
2: Use RS, RS develops flywheel slippage and dart vomiting syndrome and the like
3: Take EAT from reserve on my back pack. I haven't played with my EAT all year, its been on reserve because of the flywheels. However, it remains the superlative go-to combat rifle across all types of battlefield. Yes, I lost 10FPS or so off my maximum but between slam-fire and its accuracy makes it king of the hill. I just find it frustrating that having spent an entire year optimising flywheel load outs, my Elite Alpha Trooper is still the best thing out there.

Special shout out to our squad in the final fight. Spear Actual, you were fucking heroes. Mental, hard as nails, heroes. I chatted with a ref at one point at the end and we held that right flank against at least 3 waves outnumbered 3 to 1 and we had no casualties. They ended up up-statting the monsters on the right to try and hammer us but we held, dammit. We had the occasional downed member but you held it like pros and showed a well organised organic squad can kick arse.

For example, with the EAT I was able to curb stomp everything seven ways to next Sunday including a 3 on 1 engagement where I flattened 3 monsters (each with 4+ HP) without HP loss to myself. In the same motion we collapsed the entire enemy right flanking section because they backed off from me (I'm continuing to advance and fire on them) but they had seen the two sword users (Col Whisper and Spud's Pvt Amber) that had looped around on my right because all 7 or 8 of them were focused on me. Between the three of us (out of a squad of 8) it was one of our brightest moments. To add insult to injury to the crew, I still had time to execute a med-evac for someone outside of the squad 2 points down the line while the rest of the squad dealt with any stragglers.

(singing) "Glory, glory, it's a hell of a way to die, bayonet in your arse and a bullet in your eye, glory, glory, it's a hell of a way to die, we're not going home tonight!" Spear Actual Boo-rah!


On the footage front, I got the singing before the final charge but my camera cut before that. It started out recording just fine and had some idiot not taken my camera as a valid melee target, I would have had a complete record but sadly it's all corrupted and stuff. I'll see what I can do.

Was it wet with you? Any flywheel set up totally sucks with damp darts. I never get any grip at all with any of mine on damp ammo, it's the big Achilles heel. Witnes the less than stellar performance of my stuff at Windsor war and a reversion to my pump rampage for the game in the rain.

Dry as a bone all weekend so it wasn't that. I slept without my hammock tarp all the time, it was glorious to fall asleep to a complete dark sky area above you. Very Happy

EDIT: So I tested the RS last night and it's still vomiting all over the place. The battery and everything else are find externally so I'm guessing there's a deeper flaw there. I'm going to have to strip the damn thing down at some point. EATs all the way!

If you have that very rare set of genuine etched case 3240's I sent you to verify Toruks chrono data with you can put those on the flywheel motors and get some metal fly's or Stryfe ones on, that should fix you then you just need a 3240 pusher and you can have wreckin performance again.
PM or email me if you want to talk price on those motors.

It already has Stryfe flys in there. Smile I should probably get around to verifying Toruk's chronograph data - just so busy here right now. Once I'm done with that, I'll send them back. I'll probably fix up the RS (I've got a spare Falcon or 2 here for this sort of eventuality) and put it to one side for lending use. I'm still not totally sold on the RS as a field effective platform for the more experienced player. They're great for newbies but I'm finding the Stryfe and EAT to be better picks for me.

The Stryfe might see play but after my experiences this weekend, the EAT's back in play as my line rifle. It's annoying have spent nearly a year optimising a set of flywheel builds but the versatility and the fact I can co-ordinate on a battlefield without having a lead blower in my ear is sort of useful. Smile I'm also kind of happy with the fact it's scratched up externally to all hell. It looks like a proper war veteran compared to my shiny red and white flywheel platforms!

Once I've verified Toruk's data, I'll send over the 3240s.

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