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Grim up Nerf 18! Second Saturday or 10 June!

NB - Change of venue to the TONG chapel.

Address - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 21 Toftshaw Lane, BD4 6RB

A year and a half of Nerfing later we return to one of our orginal venues in Tong - a slightly smaller chapel but with great opportunities for using the whole building for the games we play.

Doors open around 1200. Safety briefing is at 1230.

Inclusive games run until 1500. At which point we take a well earned tea break Smile

Following this we will do an over 13's sessions until about 1630 at which point it's time to collect all the darts up and go home!

All darts are provided. Please bring your own safety glasses or you can borrow ours. A voluntary contribution of 1 per player is appreciated to enable us to keep replacing the darts lost and damaged each event.

We are also going to insist on regulating the more powerful and modded blasters during the first session.

The FPS cap for the inclusive games is 100 FPS - this means all stock blasters, all lightly modded blasters (a 5 kg spring upgrade for example) and even some stock Rivals are within tolerance.

If you are unsure as to whether your blaster is firing over 100 FPS please ask on the day - if the organisers decide it is too powerful for the situation they will ask you to switch to an alternative so either make sure you have one to use or you can borrow one of our (limited) loaner supply.

You will be welcome to impress us with your tweaked stuff after 1500 when the second round of games begin.

I'll be there!
Though it would help knowing the date  Razz

Dang. My cut and paste from Facebook has been revealed Smile

Will edit the op now - although surely everyone knows it's the second Saturday of the month by now!?

Just a quick note that I will not be able to make it this weekend, I'll be helping Dazzle move house...
Actually he won't be making it there either Smile

Boo tbr
But yay i'm going, with a dumb new hat. Dam thief's. EAT and hammershot competed. just need postie to bring more parts.

Hoorah! We'll miss those who can't make it and are looking forward to seeing everyone who can.

Hopefully by Saturday the wind will have stopped blowing our darts off course 😀

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