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Grim Up Nerf 3 Review

Phew, i'm sat down, coffee in one hand, sleeping baby in the other, and am getting the chance to look back on our third successful event.

First of all, my fellow co-conspirators are great, and without their help and support, none of this would happen. The church that Justajolt provides is a great venue, that we are still not fully using, while old_man_nerf brings brilliant planning and execution.

Secondly, we're still learning... While we're providing great events and everyone goes away smiling, I will freely admit that we can still do better.

Today was our third event. Jan's was small and relatively quiet, Feb was planned and executed quickly, and our first in the new venue, whereas this one felt more organised, due to extra time, and more familiarity with the venue, the games, the blasters etc

The three of us had planned the games, timings etc via our shared Google drive, and like all good plans, fell apart with the first contact with the enemy... due to traffic, old_man_nerf and I arrived late, and justajolt had only just got back from picking up Seiryuu. Dustybin and his parents were already there... luckily, two of the church elders were rebuilding the mass of boxes that Justajolt had gathered...

We started laying out loaners, building shelter, unloading our gear etc, all while people were arriving. So that's learning point 1... we need to get there ealier to get setup before people arrive.

We were running about 15 minutes behind schedule by the time we started the first game, Tag, effectively a game of playground tig with blasters. I started as 'it' and used a singled sledgefire to great effect. Unfortunately we were finding that the game was quite stationary even as we added more people as 'it'.

So we stopped that game early, and diverted from the plan, and went for a 3 life team deathmatch. Again I played, and decided to go with my modded stampede and 7 shot hammershot. It started great for me, until the stampede suddenly lost all range. Not sure why, thats something for me to investigate. So I swapped that out for my new revonix 360, using the rebounding and great range to hold down a corridor.

That game worked well to get people warmed up and moving, so we went back on plan and did two rounds of VIP escort... trying to get one of your team into the opponents base left him getting hit. The first round was close, one team testing multiple routes, while old_man_nerf led a great attempt, moving tactically, using the riot shield, cars, bushes, corners to great effect. In the end old_man_nerf's team was about 3m's off winning... Round 2 was over much quicker, old_man_nerf 's vip got shot...

It was my turn to play again, and we choose to do Predator... one well armed target vs everyone else, with everyone else trying to find the parts of a titan, assemble it and hit the predator. Well, what better way to get 'big bertha' (my OldNoob modded demolisher) field tested. I volunteered to be the predator and stocked up on clips, both on me and around the room while the rest headed out the the car park and old_man_nerf hid the bits...

And oh boy... did 'big bertha' perform! Fast, powerful, accurate, long ranging, terrifying... I was eventually beaten, with mere seconds left to survive, but I don't care. For 14 minutes I darted around the main hall, taking hits while dishing out round upon round of high speed foam, with a HUGE grin on my face. I could feel it... I was so happy with the blaster, so once again, and i'm not convinced I can say it enough, THANK YOU OldNoob! Old_man_nerf got the only footage from the day (I was very disorganised with filming this month) filming me... I can't wait to watch 'big bertha' in action from a different view point.

We bunged biscuits out to give people a chance to rest and recuperate for a bit, and went into some HvZ rounds, which I marshalled giving me time to catch my breath. As always the fast HvZ rounds went down great.

There were calls to do a capture the flag game, which we did as 'capture the cap'. I played in this and took the modded EAT out... I love it... I got into the opponents 'base' area, and was out of range of their players, while able to fling darts at much further range and more accurately...

Then to finish off, we did Jaffa Cake Deathmatch, taking a suggestion from on the forum, and making it our own. This went well and was a good finisher, giving players a more casual wind down with the added bonus of food.

We had about 24 people, with some returning people, and some new ones, including Dustybin and parents. Both Justajolt and Old_man_nerf invited people who turned up, and people went away smiling... I'm the one letting the team down here, people I invite don't turn up Sad. Donations still don't match the numbers of players, but we're up on last month, which covers us for the darts we need to replace...

Dart casualties were high... but mainly amongst the koosh gen 2's and the elites from my own stock. We had plenty of darts left event after loading clips. We lost a fair few darts out of the grounds...

So what else can we learn and change... 1) less loaners... we had a fair few unused. And revolvers seemed the most popular, so we'll probably reduce the electric blasters next time 2) an active starter game... 3) better childcare so Justajolt gets to play more

I say we give my two year old a sword, put her in the middle of the room and let her be the predator next time... She was well taught by BGUK, sitting aghast as he literally intimidated crowds of people out of the main hall by charging at them, reving and firing his work of art! Her face was a picture...

She also participated in re-gathering darts between rounds. "Go outside, daddy. Find some!"

My second review post... is a review of my gear.

Blaster wise, I took 'big bertha' a heavily modded demolisher, a modded EAT with bsuk spring and no ar, singled sledgefire, 7 shot hammershot with spring upgrade, roughcut and revonix 360.

I used all of the blasters, and all fit a niche that i'm happy with. I'll continue to keep these as my blasters, with my primary of choice being the demolisher or eat, sidearm of the hammershot, and one of the shotguns on my back.

'big bertha' was perfect. OldNoob did an amazing job on her, and my additions: a reinforced modulus stock, reflex scope, side clip holder, mag release; only helped to improve her. Of all the bits, the mag release was the best, during the Predator round, that massively sped up my clip reloading.

The EAT has a range and accuracy that is far beyond anyone else's gear. I can't recommend the BSUK spring and catch plate enough.

The 7 shot hammershot is still not perfect with its rotation, but looks great, feels great and fires nice and hard.

Gear wise, i'd bought a lot to try this month, so from head to toe...

Bolle Tracker ii safety glasses, yellow tint: the bolles come well recommended and I went with the yellow tint as I have some special overlenses for my eyesight that are a yellow based tint. The Bolle are very comfortable, but I must say, I found the loss of peripheral vision hard to deal with. Will definitely try again.

Photography vest: a cheap Chinese import from amazon, has two decent sized pockets, two smaller pockets higher up, and a big pocket on the back. I used one pocket for vortex discs, one for a jolt, the higher pockets for sledgefire shells and whistle, and the back pocket for the roughcut. Fit is a bit tight on a fat bloke like me, but worked really well.

Bandolier: an old nstrike orange bandolier, with 6 clips loops and dart loops. I use 2 loops for 15 round blasterpart clips, and 4 for missiles. Again, worked well.

Dump pouch: an airsoft one from amazon. Big enough to fit 5 18 round clips in it, but could be better... I don't like the top on it.

Camera pouch: an old point and shoot camera pouch, just big enough for 2 6 clips. Didn't use the clips, but is a good backup

Adjustable drop leg holster: an airsoft adjustable holster, similar to the one davera reviewed. Just about fits around the hammershot, and sits really low down. This will very likely get replaced with a bsuk hammershot holster.

Airsoft knee pads: I have a fair few falls due to my eyesight, and fell at work the other day, so wanted something to protect a bust one. Worked well, but we're painful by the end of 4 hours.

Sounds like you all bought the most important ingredient- a sense of fun!
Glad the blaster worked out well, I can't use my 180 motored stuff in my regular venue, it's just too powerful. Try mini Jaffa cakes for "snack death match" next time, faster eating?
I take my hat off to your team, having help makes everything much easier.
Consider "Freeze tag" or "Infected" for your warm up games, both those have worked well for me in the past.
I too have bad knees, I use volleyball knee pads for inside, they are much more supportive than airsoft/skate type ones but still padded.
Your stampede may well have thrown the top hat gear. I have a single spare if you find it deceased. I now have stainless main gears for mine.
Looking forward to number 4 now!

Well done troops, sounds like you've got something good on the go.

That war really fun, my suicide run through a horde of zombies was crazy but I almost made it! I definite recommend using mini Jaffa cakes because people just didn't want to eat the Jaffa's. Having a dump pouch was great because you could just drop darts in when you are collecting them and drop them in the dart bin at the end. Next time I will be hopefully using a rapidstrike on IMRs because they where mad!

I'll review my gear used too:

Hammershot with Havokfire spring on bandolier: Quick, easy reloading on the go. No ammo problems. Easy to prep pre-match. Good range.

Rapid Pistol on 3 IMRs: Used once to clear a corridor very effectively during VIP. Basically fired indiscriminately! Reloaded, walked to the end of the corridor and continued firing randomly until hit myself. Seemed intimidating to opponents! The only way I would improve this blaster would be to have two of them.

Barricade on 2S LiPo: Used during HvZ. Dispensed darts accurately and with good force. Reloading was quick and easy on the go. I can see the appeal of the Fearless Fire! Could be improved by greater capacity.

Shield: Made of two year-old. Seemed to stop people firing in my direction. People even apologised for hitting it. Shield looked disgruntled when hit, but continued to function as intended, was effective at deflecting shots. Doubled as dart-retriever if set on the ground, but would often run off giggling when I tried to pick it back up. Too cute to improve ^_^

Other people's kit I was impressed by:
BGUK's Big Bertha - Phenomenal flywheel blaster! Turned him into THE predator!
BGUK's Alpha Trooper
OMN's Rhinoed RapidStrike. 4 IMRs(!) of dart shower with springer ranges.
Seiryyu's Slingfire - seemed to somehow defeat everything he came up against! Probably more due to the user than the blaster. Seriously though, everyone else being all tacticool, ducking and moving etc and he just walked forward like a terminator popping targets off at will!

My gear review: A respirator pouch as a dump pouch, a BSUK firestrike holder, a firestrike with AR removed, a BSUK quick release sling and bolle tracker II with strap and clear lenses. When I was using a clip system blaster I had 2 jungle mags, 1 in the blaster and the other in my hand.

EDIT: Wouldn't that be shield cruelty? What do you mean by rhinoed rapidstrike, did he put rhinos in it, if so then how would IMRs power a 3s type motor

I didn't get to see much of other peoples kit - I felt the darts coming my way from it though...

Highlights for me would be:
The disgruntled husband hunting down his wife with a speedswarm with good effectiveness, and him leaving with a big grin on his face
Old_man_nerf's imr'd rhino'd rapidstrike, a rain of yellow darts lasting a second or 2... reload, repeat...
Seriyuu's hammershot, which got me on the lip
Seiryuu's wildfire, more for the noise and the terrifying dive for cover it induces...
Justajolt's shield/daughter, who like he said, was very effective. There was a point in the Predator game where I sprayed darts from 'big bertha' in her general direction without realizing and felt VERY guilty about doing so...
Lots of handmade dump pouches

Dustybin, we're really glad you made the effort to come up north, and would like to thank your parents for bringing you. We hope it wasn't just a one off!

He'll be able to tell you more about it, but it's a RapidStrike with Rhino motors in it. He said he had 4 IMRS in it, so 3.7 x 4= 14.8 V, more than a 3s LiPo does (11V?) . It powered it pretty well! He'll be able to say more than me though, since he did it!

And yeah... guilty as charged! Although I did also take the shield to the park earlier, which partly makes up for it!

That was fun - good to see some new faces as well as regulars coming back for more. Some old favourite games and some new ones to try. 'Predator' was hilarious - I have some film of bguk being the predator and all you can hear is me laughing in the background.

We should, and will, always be prepared to take risks on games - while some always work well I don't want us to be doing the same thing each time. I crave variety, hence my theme developing - keep an eye on TV listings over the next month and see if you can guess which action film I'm basing my next game on Smile

In terms of kit there was a good selection on display. Big Bertha rocked. Some well made tacticool kit made an appearance. And my rapid strike was fast but not as fast seiryu's air powered blaster (whose name escapes me!) - I just had the advantage of being able to keep it fed with darts.

For the interested it's rewired, bsuk switch plate, 3 rhino motors, worker fly wheels, and <whisper>4 800 mah IMR batteries</whisper>.  All I can tell you is I need to be able to carry more magazines Smile

I've had a thought on the lipo situation Old_man_nerf, will bung it in the planning doc...

blindgeekuk wrote:
Seriyuu's hammershot, which got me on the lip

I used two Hammershots throughout the day, one stock and one Blindgeek's. No idea which one actually hit you but, either way, I'm very sorry. I took a vicious lip hit myself one of the few times I died in jaffacake deathmatch.

Justajolt wrote:
Seiryyu's Slingfire - seemed to somehow defeat everything he came up against! Probably more due to the user than the blaster. Seriously though, everyone else being all tacticool, ducking and moving etc and he just walked forward like a terminator popping targets off at will!

Likewise, the Slingfire wasn't mine but rather something I borrowed to wield alongside my Wildfire. The latter was not nearly as effective with this month's added cover though, causing me to ditch it when I discovered that I couldn't one hand the Slingfire afterall.
The Slingfire itself worked ok. Its range was a mere 2 thirds of everything else but, having been given high ground by the game rules and a few early charges from my team, this wasn't too great a concern. It forced me into a frontal assault but that actually worked out for the best as few people seemed to account for the range reduction from firing uphill. Between this and some minimalist dodging, I was perfectly capable of firing a few shots, watching a blaster get emptied in my direction and simply powerwalking into swathes of enemies to take out the unfortunate target.
The game ended with some younger players trying to use a bush for cover and running in terror as I stomped through it and annihilated their entire team from behind. Not really sure why that worked.

Jaffacake Deathmatch has a very different mentality from regular team deathmatches because your death count simply doesn't matter. Only that your kill ratio is above 1:1.

Of course, that was my best round by far but why detail the ones I'm not proud of? :p

On tactical kit, I loved the red dot sights. I didn't realise you could have several different settings on the display too. Accuracy bonus!

Sounds good, Have you got a date in mind for the next one? I have a lot of family in Yorkshire and a possibility I might be in the area over the Easter Holidays in April?

If we stick to the usual second saturday, it'd be the 9th April. However, that date is not set in stone yet

The 9th of April runs into the Hendon Nerf war that Justajolt said he will be attending. I recommend that you put it on the 16th of April.

EDIT: Or the 2nd if the 16th is too late.

I was about to post saying make sure you do one that I can make over the summer, then I realised someone else pointed out the next one's the same date as I'm planning for Hendon (and I would change for the more established event if I wasn't at something every other weekend in April.

I'm sure we're far enough away a clash won't hurt too badly so I'll just look forward to when I can make it up there, it's sounding great every time and I'm liking what I'm seeing.

Like dustybin says, justajolt wants to make it down to your event, and i'm in favour of it, he can spy on you and report back on how you southerns play Nerf... We'll be discussing dates this week

Much obliged. I will endeavour to make it something worth spying on / send him back up with a bottle of mead.

Also if we as a whole Nerf anything like the mainly southern Nerf Larpers I Larp with then we southerners Nerf inaccurately, also with swords and shields.

Dustybin wrote:
The 9th of April runs into the Hendon Nerf war that Justajolt said he will be attending. I recommend that you put it on the 16th of April.

EDIT: Or the 2nd if the 16th is too late.

No disrespect but we currently aren't taking votes on the dates that we organise our events on.....

Very well done guys! It's all coming together nicely.

I echo ONs shout on Freeze Tag as a warm up - I call it Lockdown and start every party and war with it to get the blood pumping.

I'm booked up with parties well into May so can't make any of these for now - maybe 2nd half of the year Smile

If it is the 9th of April then I think I could make it that weekend so fingers crossed that's what you go with if not I could probably make it during the summer at some point, it sounds like a good day of Nerf.

I'm emailing with the other guys about it now. We'll let you know VERY soon...

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