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Grim Up Nerf 5, Sat 14th May, Tong, 1-4pm

Its time to announce our 5th public Nerf war, Grim Up Nerf 5, "Flatcaps, Weapons and Tactics"

To compliment our new website,, where we cover the GuN team members, and host our consent forms and cover the game types we play, we'll be beginning to film footage of our game types as a resource.

Expect our usuals, FreezeTag/Lockdown, Speed HvZ, and some more movie themed game types.

Date and Time
Saturday 14th May 13:00 - 16:00

The war will be located at the Church of the Latter-Day Saints chapel, at 21 Toftshaw Ln, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 6RB
If youíre travelling by public transport, we can pick you up from Bradford Interchange. Justajolt will be running a shuttle service between there and the venue at 12:30. Send him a PM for more info and to arrange pickup and deployment into the combat zone. Otherwise, the venue is on the 425 and 427 Arriva West Yorkshire bus route.

All attendees are invited to contribute the princely sum of £1 towards darts, materials etc so that we can keep doing it!
Please feel free to bring something to contribute to a communal snack bar, boxes of mini donuts or flapjack seem to go down a treat!

Loaner Blasters
There will be a selection of springer front loading revolver blasters at the event. After signing in, you will be directed into the main hall where you will be helped to choose a suitable blaster. A small supply of flywheel blasters will be loaned to people who donate money and snacks on a first come first served basis.

Expect a variety of games, from our favourites like Team Deathmatch and HvZ, to movie based games, like Predator and Black 'Kes' Down. Game rules will be explained before each round.

Safety and Behaviour
1 - We expect blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, with an orange tip. I.e. nothing (weapon or clothing) to alarm the locals or other building users. We wonít be slowing down to assess performance so if youíre primary is modded and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.
2 - We will be providing ALL Koosh/Elite darts to be used at the event. If your blaster requires a different dart type, such as discs, mega darts, or missiles, you are expected to provide these yourself. No FVJ's are allowed.
3 - Eye protection is required and some will be provided, glasses users do so at their own risk.
4 - Anyone under 18 requires parental permission, and under 16's require a chaperone. Consider it an excuse to get your dad or mum playing.
5 - Between games you are expected to help recover and reload darts. Weapons must be holstered, slung, or placed on tables in an unloaded state between games.
6 - If it's not your's, don't touch it without asking
7 - Any abusive, threatening or rascist behaviour won't be tolerated.
8 - By attending, we consider this acceptance of the above rules, and your acknowledgement that Nerfing is not without risk, and that you are playing under your own will, and will not hold anyone else liable for any injuries that occur.
9 - And above all else, it's only a game, have fun, and donít be a silly billy![url][/url]

Website's borked on my Win7, Firefox machine. Smile

On the up side, it's great to see this all coming together so well so quickly. I'm super happy to see a regular group grow out of BritNerf. Hopefully us southerners can do the same without needing to travel 4000 years in the future and spend 80% of the weekend on gate guard waiting for a shotgun encounter.

I thought this was going to be the 'we can't promise anything but we'll see if we can stop it snowing this time unlike the past four events' edition Smile

Anyway, sounds fun - we'll be there!

The auto url detection added the comma on. I've put the proper url in there (which google will like)

It could also have been titled "GuN 5: This time there'll be cake", as its my birthday around then

Now, I need to get a flatcap before then....

blindgeekuk wrote:
Now, I need to get a flatcap before then....

You could borrow my army issue red beret. I'm not going to need it any time soon. Razz Not unless some GC spods really fuck up in June.

The website's fixed though there's A LOT of text there to wade through. If I wasn't on fire, I'd volunteer to see we could condense it down or break it up with photos.

Yeah, lots of text and no pics at moment as I wanted to get the website up and being indexed

The aim eventually is to have videos on the gametypes, pics of the different dart types, with links to buy etc, pics from the events

As said, 'meeja' content for the web is an on going discussion.

We shall have to give bguk a dart gun salute for his birthday - now we have to guess how many candles on the cake - i'm going with 21 (again!).

Unlike my wife or boss, I have no issue with my age... I'm 36 this year!

I will be coming armed with †a Titan, an intergration, 2 barricades (hopefully) and cookies. I don't think that there is a diving thing on that day.

EDIT: also can we steal the 5 sec immunity on zombies when they gat tagged by a human. Can the team deathmatch be britnerfers vs everyone else because that would be really funny?

What do you mean by steal the 5 second immunity?

We're already using the 5 second stun, 5 seconds immunity that Davidov uses (its an awesome tweak)

Our HvZ rules are constantly tweaked and changed to keep the round fresh, expect spitter zombies, and hidden zombies this month!

Dustybin wrote:

EDIT: also can we steal the 5 sec immunity on zombies when they gat tagged by a human. Can the team deathmatch be britnerfers vs everyone else because that would be really funny?

We've asked you before - if you have some ideas then run a game for us! It only has to play for a few minutes and we are open to trying new things. We can provide you with some guidance of things to consider to make sure the game is playable. Drop me, bguk or justajolt a PM and we'll give you all the help you need.

Same offer applies to anyone else thinking about a game they have devised or want to try. We can provide the location and assistance to make it happen, but you have to be prepared to step up and work with us. Random thought showers need not apply Smile

We'll also have a Chrono making an appearance at this next one. Just sayin!

I'll be bringing the goldfinder and its green glowing brother this time then. I'd like to see what speed the little beasties manage.

As for the website, Blindgeek's profile section mentions modded and the ammo rules say that FVJs are not allowed. I suggest changing these to "modified" and an actual description of the dart type as the website isn't necessarily going to be viewed exclusively by forumgoers who know our terms.

Good points regarding our assumptions about tacit knowledge and the users of the website.

True true. A terminology page. Or maybe we should just use accessible language as a rule? Just been studying inclusive and exclusive language with my AS level students...

Accessible language all the way. No acronyms, jargon or ambiguity. Much easier to do than maintain a glossary.

Just to let you know I will be bringing a friend, not the one who is allergic to nuts. I will also be bringing some homemade cookies for some reason, britnerfers get first pick.

Quick Blaster Question

I'm thinking of making the journey across next week (my first actual Nerf games) and want to check something, most of the blasters I would want to use no longer have an orange tip, but if I attached a barrel extension like the short one from the modulus or a recon extension then that would be OK?
Pictures added for clarity.


We play in a private venue so they are fine.

In fact the orange tip law doesn't even apply on public land in this country.

Very impressive! We'd love to have you, specially with such a gorgeous array of blasters.

I'd want to confer with OMN and BKUK, but I think they look not real enough that they'd be OK. OldManNerf/Blindgeek? If you're certain we're not risking sliding down a slippery slope ending in a firearms offence, I'm happy if you guys are.

If they may cause problems then I have some others I could use, I just wanted to use my favourites if possible.

I think you'll be fine. OMN posted a few seconds before saying the same as me in fewer words!

We look forward to seeing you ^_^

Nice one, cool! Now to persuade a partner in crime to come with me Smile

Tell them we have cake!

Impressive paintjobs!

As my co-conspirators have said, we play on private land, so the rules are less strict. I personally would have a problem if someone rocked up with full camo gear or swat body armour and a totally black blaster, but hey...

Even if we were playing in a public park, I wouldn't be overly concerned by those blasters, they retain the obvious toy like primary colours, and following OldNoobs advice, we'd have let the police know in advance, though in those cases, I would probably advice an orange tip of some description.

This is quite a topical discussion, given the sydney based Make Test Battle had the aussie swat team called on them at their public park game.

There should definitely be cake. My daughter have been putting the new action cam thru it's paces this weekend,

blindgeekuk wrote:
l personally would have a problem if someone rocked up with full camo gear or swat body armour and a totally black blaster, but hey...

I might have a set of police swat overalls in the garage (a present from a colleague in a former outdoors job) if you want me to scare the kids some more 😀

Seriously, I second BGUK on swat/full on camo/black blasters not being welcome - we are supposed to be having fun after all. I'd suggest trying airsoft if that is your thing.

If repainting is an issue for you, I have a roll of "jaffa tape" I could bring that's surprisingly close to Nerf orange. Should make for a decent temporary fix.

Honestly though, orange tips is an american law. UK regulations are more focused on the amount of bright colour and those are definitely already in compliance there. If anything, it might be good to show potential painters how good the blasters can look without relying on excessive black.

Here's to another cracking event guys - and I love the website Smile

Well, there is a story behind the website. It's based on a design we're about to use at work, and so I got permission to trial it on GuN to see how it worked with seo.

The answer is awesomely. Within 8 days of being uploaded, we'd been crawled 5 times, and indexed twice. For 'Nerf wars leeds' we're 8th

I've got a partner in crime coming with me so there will be two of us from Blackpool, anyone want some rock? Smile

I can provide chilli rock if anyone needs. Heck, I can provide chilli just about anything if you really want.

The obvious question then seriyuu, is can you provide chilli that can be fired from a Nerf blaster?

My mag pouches from BSUK arrived at the weekend, so i'm looking forward to trying them out, though based on past experience, I rarely reload, so getting storage for 6 18 rounds might be overkill.

I might have missed people saying they are around, but Seiryuu/Dustybin/DarkKitten/TanithLord, are you coming this weekend?

Pretty sure I'm free this time and no, I don't think I have chilli darts but I could fill the tip of a streamline with ghost pepper powder.
I won't though 'cause that would be terrible for asthmatics and somewhat unsafe in general.

I have no problems coming, I will be bringing a friend (a different one, he is not allergic to nuts) so expect me. I also have a flatcap, I don't know why but I do.

Death by chilli pepper darts doesn't sound like fun, just pain, lots of pain.

old_man_nerf wrote:

In fact the orange tip law doesn't even apply on public land in this country.

That's what I was going to point out.

They should all be fine as they are 50% a bright colour (in my eyes anyway). I guess the only improvement would be not have black tips....

***hate not seeing others have posted on a second page and just repeating what has already been said!***

No harm in repeating this message to avoid confusion.

And I redacted my last statement as I realised I'd put a black barrel extension on an otherwise fairly stock coloured blaster.  But then again, I'm a parent so do as I say not as I do can apply in any circumstance 😃

Your event is like mine, so no need to worry about what you wear. Orange tip is a stupid US law (why copy a country where you can have a bright pink actual gun?) and I wouldn't worry one tiny bit about public alarm/swatting where you are and how you are playing.
Hope you have another cracking event. I am still trying to tie down Bristol so we ca have a soft southern version of GuN.

So essentially don't be surprised if we all turn up in full on combat gear with black blasters and proceed to chilli pepper spray each other.

Only the pepper spray would be illegal Smile

Or not as the case maybe.

Blasters of all shapes and sizes welcome (preferably not all black - be more creative!). Wear what you want (but please wear something - this is 'the Nerf' after all) and come and have some fun. We have another 3 hours of games and play to get through. Be prepared to leave tired but happy after a fine afternoons nerfing.

And it might not even snow.....

Actual pepper spay would be illegal, yes. Chilli powder stronger than it, however, probably wouldn't. The legality of chilli seems a little weird IMO.

Heck, they'll let you take ghost pepper sauce through customs in your hand luggage but complain about water, solely because of bottle size.

Fill old whistler dart heads with chili powder!

As mentioned above, probably better with streamlines as the hole is smaller so powder should only escape when under pressure from contact. Still not going to do it.
Cake darts are still something I'm meaning to get round to though.

Dear Mr jolt

I'm a keen fan of your YouTube channel and have watched your videos on over volting havoc fires and daisy chaining ammo belts together with interest.

Please could you fix it for me and my friends to have a play with your new toys this weekend at grim up Nerf?

Yours in anticipation of seeing you running around Gatling gun style with ammo belts draped across your shoulders,


Dear Mr ManNerf,

I thank you for your support and feedback!

Rest assured that both the infinity belt ( and its companion Havokfire will be available for use by participants at this months Grim Up Nerf event.

Don't worry! If it catches fire before the event, I have plenty more to bring instead.

Kind regards,

Justithy Joltus the Third

And here I thought your name was Justin...

Lipo charged and cookies baked. I will be bringing a friend who has a modulus (don't worry, he is not allergic to nuts). See you tomorrow!

Phew, that was an exhausting one!

18 people, with blackpool and Birmingham being the furthest travels. Great to see dustybin again, and see his integrations (very well done!). And meet tvr and see his gorgeous, and get hit by his powerful, painted blasters.

A mix of the usual gametypes, in the sun (no snow this month!). The filming of Defend the Core didn't go to plan due to technical hitches, but we should make up for it with LOTS of HvZ footage from various angles/people

Gear performed great, people were great, and even the kids from the local area are beginning to get to grips with it

All in all, Grim Up Nerf 5 was a success

Seconded - I'm now cream crackered from way to much running, laughing, and being shot in sensitive areas Smile

Can't wait to do it again!

PS - 'raven love'

I love tbr's Rayven! I'll let him share the pictures and stuff, but it was gorgeous ^_^ Thanks to Dusty, family and friend for coming up and bringing cookies!

Thanks to tbr for coming from Blackpool with his fellow combatant and bringing gorgeous blasters with him as well as doughnuts.

Another phenomenal event!

I'm tired, but looking forward to next time already.


The "Stinger" worked really well, I was scaring off people with it and how loud flywheels are! Running with a titan in HvZ wasn't the best idea but is was really fun. Can't wait until the next time.

If anyone wants the recipe for the cookies then just ask.

Can second or third being worn out. Definitely going to have to up my game to match you all next time.

I think we might be doing this Nerf'ing lark wrong...

I've reviewed my footage from yesterday, and way too many of us are smiling and laughing... though the 3 angles of footage of Old_man_nerf's zombie charge contains equal amounts of terrified screams!

blindgeekuk wrote:

way too many of us are smiling and laughing...

That's a shame... Although I'm not sure we know how to Nerf in any other way Smile

I had a great time at my first Nerf War, thanks for making us feel welcome, we had a lot of fun and barring unforeseen circumstances we will be there next time!

As there were a couple of admiring glances at my blasters (specially the Rayven) I've posted a few links below (as I've already added them to the Modifications/Paintjob thread). Also there's a short video of some footage I took with my blaster cam.

YouTube -

Rayven -
Blue Stryfe -
Zombie Stryfe -
Red Rapidstrike -

See you all next time!

Glad you and your friend could make it and we appreciate you joining in and accepting the semi organised chaos as part of the fun!

Thanks for the video footage. Love the slowmo sections and the face of the kid coming out the door and realising what he has walked into. And always good to hear everyone laughing as a zombie bursts out:)

Till next month (second Saturday as always!)...

Love the slowmo faceoff against justajolt!

And the way the kids face changes as the koosh bounces!

I've gotOld_man_nerf's zombie charge from 3 different angles, that adds a 4th angle, though how/why he didn't get you I don't understand.

I've uploaded my footage to our organizing space, so hopefully justajolt will do something with it

Edit: My review incoming...

OK, I'm back in work, which means i'm away from the crazy wife who hates me Nerf'ing again... Because you know, I don't do anything at home other than play with my Nerf blasters and watch Nerf videos, and I left her at home with 4 kids because I wouldn't take any of the brats with me...

Is there a smiley for 'forced smile' or 'shaking my head'?

So, with our new secondhand car already on it's deathbed (what the hell does she do to cars?), I was relying on Old_man_nerf for a lift again, and while traffic wasn't bad, it meant we got there closer to 1pm than I was planning on if we'd been driving otver ourselves, which meant less time playing with Justajolts chrono Sad

Luckily, we'd nothing too intensive planned this month, and I'd trimmed down the loaner box, and was wearing most of my own gear, so it was a quick setup and I could jump onto the chrono and try out a few blasters. I got to send 10 darts out of the sledgefire and bertha, and am pleased with the results

As the adults did various tasks, the kids - regulars, visitors, and locals - warmed up by running around the main hall shooting each other. Well, that was our first warm up game taken care of without trying...

Our first game was our take on FDT's Engineer. And my first mistake of the day... I'd forgotten to pick up the team markers, the one i'd purposely packed into a seperate bag to make them easier to find and carry... Bugger! I have no idea which team won this, it was a bit of a blur, though I remember shooting old_man_nerf's son with the de-ar'd triad as he tried to hide in some bushes.

The big plan for this month was to record some game types - setup, instructions, playing... Mistake 2, I forgot a camera, and 2 other cameras broke down... leaving us with only 5 cameras in total... We did two rounds of defend the core.

The first one, theres some great footage of me holding down the corridor for a short while with the singled sledgefire (you can hear the thunk of it firing on the camera at the opposite end of the corridor!) and bertha, before me having to retreat to grab a fresh clip and reload. It was a fairly easy win for the first team though, as they advanced and causally strolled in to the target area to win.

The second round was epic, with both teams performing amazingly well. The defneders locked down 3 of the 5 entry points brilliantly, and in doing so, pretty much blocked access to the others. There were constant attmpts from my team to beat past these points, and it was a constantly changing situation of clearing one area only to get beaten back in another and then the defenders retaking their defensive points.

I know gear wise for me, I was down to my last clip, having shot through around 150 darts, and had tried attacking on multiple fronts. In the end, I opted to try to hide and sneak round one of the doorways, to get to the rear of the building and what †I hoped was an undefended point. Tbr and myself traded shots over justajolts car bonnet, with bertha winning the encounter, and Old_man_nerf being unable to get a good bead on me from the doorway further back. Knowing I had about 3 darts left, I sprinted for the doorway, made it in, shot a defender in the main hall, and dropped Bertha for the hammershot to try and defend myself, just as Justajolt called game over.

I'm slightly gutted that my gun camera gave up during this round, as it was probably the best round of Nerf i've had in the last 5 months of wars. It was the first time it really felt like the gear, blaster, tactics, and muscle memory for reloading came together perfectly, and I don't care that my team lost, it was simply an epic 15 minutes of running and shooting.

We did a game of Lockdown/Freezetag, I swapped to the lawbringer at this point and was pretty disappointed by it, it seemed to misfire a lot. A nice and quick round though.

Then HvZ... We did 3 rounds, and got LOTS of footage, with at least 3 of us filming during it. I mentionned this elsewhere, but our zombie rounds are becoming more intense. Players are making better blaster choices, carrying more ammo, and reloading better. Players endurance and speed for running is better, and their situational awareness is higher, theres less zombie tags on players running the wrong way or getting cornered. One other thing we've noticed is how the hotspot for the action occuring is very different, with more action occuring in the car park than the main building.

All in all, a very successful day, despite me forgotting the team bands.

A huge thanks to Dustybin and his family for coming up North. His dad gets really into it, and his mum plays the odd round and always seem to go away smiling. His cookies were nice, his blasters look ace and perform really well.

A big welcome to tbr and his mate, who got stuck in despite it being their first war. tbr's blasters look amazing. Really hope you guys enjoyed it and can come again.

A big welcome back to Seiryuu who missed last month. His crazy arsenal of vortex, jolts, titan etc is always welcome.

My thanks goes out to my co-conspirators, Justajolt for the venue, chrono, filming, ref'ing etc and Old_man_nerf for the lift, ref'ing, and general all out fun/chaos he helps to bring and run at the events. Grim Up Nerf wouldn't exist if it wasn't for these guys hard work.

See you all next month, second saturday, June 11th...

Virtual high five and bro hugs for the grim up Nerf team all round Smile

However, we welcome anyone who has an idea that wants to develop it into a fully fledged game (lasting 10/15 minutes at most) to get in touch. As enthusiastic as we are, some respite, and the opportunity to actually play some of the games is always appreciated.

Hello to all, I tagged along with Ross (TBR) to what was also my first but I must not my last organised Nerf war.
I came along not quite knowing what to expect and I must say I enjoyed the day immensely.
After seeing what other nerfers were yielding, blasters & and tac gear I have a good idea on what I want now or should I say I NEED!! lol.

Just to add thanks again for making myself and TBR feel very welcome and we will indeed be at the next event.

Here's a little video of some of the blasters we had at GuN 5 and a tour of the venue. The next one will appear on Grim Up Nerf's own youtube channel!

So, we're not the smoothest of camera operators/talkers, but bloody hell, we make Nerf'ing look fun!

Footage from Grim Up Nerf 5 now available here!

Incredible job on the protect the core footage, especially the way you cut between the multiple angles of the same action.

And that was footage from only 5 working cameras. I intend to double that next month, and now we've analysed the video and determined hotspots, we'll position the cameras better to catch more action

The combination of testing the 22 round mag, dart counting, and watching that makes me want to Nerf tomorrow Sad why is bristol so far away!

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