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Grim Up Nerf 7, Sat 9th July, Tong

Grim Up Nerf 7, Saturday July 9th, 12:30 onwards, Tong ‎

We're unable to get the new bigger venue again in July due to an existing booking, but we'll be back there over the summer. Instead, our 7th Grim Up Nerf war is returning to our original home, the Latter-day Saints Chapel in Tong.

We're changing the format slightly this month...

First of all, our loaner box is changing - we'll only be bringing front-loaders (such as the Strongarm or Hammershot), and some Rebelle blasters, and hopefully will be providing 'Foam Data Services' style dart bags for these. Loaners will be given 20 darts in the bags.

For those of us bringing our own blasters, we'll be limiting you to 100 rounds... roughly enough darts for five 18 mags, and a sidearm. We're doing this because we're finding that our Magically Refilling Dart Bag (tm) keeps running low, mainly because a few of us are carrying upwards of 200 rounds, most of which don't get fired!

Secondly, our timings are changing. For July, we'll be opening slightly earlier, at 12:30 for registration, and diving into games quicker, with them starting around 13:00. However, we'll be finishing these at around 15:00. These games will be our simpler and popular types such as Lockdown and Infection, though expect some tweaks on these!

From 15:00 onwards we will be running a series of age 13+ only games to cater for the older players who wish to play more advanced rule sets and longer game scenarios. The usual rules will still apply regarding under 18ís needing to have a responsible adult on site at all times to cover us for child protection. These game will finish around 16:30.

Date and Time
Saturday 9th July 13:00 onwards (see above)

The event will be located at the Church of the Latter-Day Saints chapel, at 21 Toftshaw Ln, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 6RB

All attendees are invited to contribute the princely sum of £1 towards darts, materials etc so that we can keep doing it!

Loaner Blasters
There will be a limited selection of front-loading blasters available to borrow at the event.

We'll be trying a similar set of games to Grim Up Nerf 6, in order to analyse how the venue size and shape affects the game flow, and tweak our rules set accordingly. Expect some FreezeTag, Speed HvZ, Plant the Bomb and Black Kes Down.

Safety and Behaviour
1 - We expect blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, with an orange tip. I.E. nothing (weapon or clothing) to alarm the locals or other building users. We wonít be slowing down to assess performance so if youíre primary is modded and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.
2 - We will be providing ALL Koosh/Elite darts to be used at the event. If your blaster requires a different dart type, such as discs, mega darts, or missiles, you are expected to provide these yourself. No FVJ's are allowed.
3 - Eye protection is required and some will be provided, glasses users do so at their own risk.
4 - Anyone under 18 requires parental permission, and under 16's require a chaperone. Consider it an excuse to get your dad or mum playing.
5 - Between games you are expected to help recover and reload darts. Weapons must be holstered, slung, or placed on tables in an unloaded state between games.
6 - If it's not your's, don't touch it without asking
7 - Any abusive, threatening or rascist behaviour won't be tolerated.
8 - By attending, we consider this acceptance of the above rules, and your acknowledgement that Nerfing is not without risk, and that you are playing under your own will, and will not hold anyone else liable for any injuries that occur.
9 - And above all else, it's only a game, have fun, and donít be a silly billy!‎

Might see if my 11 year old fancies a trip Oop North

You'd be welcomed you open arms. And if you want to be the coolest Dad in the world, (for a few days at least) at junction 27 of the m62 (next junction on depending which way you're coming) theres an ikea, toys r rus, krispy kreme etc

Might bring her sisters Fearless Fire for an outing - assume Nerf Rebelle glasses meet the eye pro requirements?

She's actually a Yorkshire lass by birth too...

We love the fearless fire - a 20 round, flywheel front loader... whats not to love about it! My recommendation, if you don't plan on modding it, remove the dart skirt and bung imr's in it (i'll have some at GuN7 you can use)

Nerf safety glasses should be fine, I think in 8+ wars, i've actually only seen 1 person take a hit to the glasses.

The only blaster I'll have ready is my EAT (unless I pull my finger out with my stryfe) although I have access to some stock Rapid Reds....

I will be attending with my dad, Justajolt gave me permission to participate in the over 13 games even though I am 12.

EDIT: I found out that my loadout holds 113 darts, I will have to abandon a 12 and drop a dart out of mag or the firestrike.

Smile I have no issue with that either Dustybin. You're a war veteran, and have proven your responsible and highly skilled, to most active groups in the UK. Myself and OldNoob are wondering if you might actually be the most travelled UK nerfer!

Are you working on any new integrations to show off at the event. Can we expect cookies? (note to self: find good cookie recipe to try and beat Dustybin...)

Also, we won't be super strict on the darts, if you're a few over that's not an issue! It's more to stop the more 'pro' of us taking 8 or more 18 mags, and firing about 2 of them!

I will be bringing cookies because the boiler and stuff is fixed so I can cook stuff now, my next crazy intergration will not be ready in time, lots and lots of stuff to do for that (Devon, epoxy putty, sanding, lots more sanding, wiring, MOSFETs, diodes, resistors, hellcats, 180 motor cover and fuses). If I get the shell intergrated then I will bring it just to show it.

oooh, This is good timing as i'm nearby on this weekend and would really love to get along if I can. Will need to check a few things and probably confirm nearer the time but would be myself and my son (13 yrs) and possibly my other half and her kids (8 & 13yrs all played at FDT before) Looking forward to it and will make every effort to get along.

Awesome News!

Big Al,
carry out recon mission and report back 😎

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend GuN 7,  as it lands on the same day as club day so I will no doubt getting dragged around the fair from ride to ride lol.

I'll see you all again at GuN 8.

Looking forward to it mu self, I agree with the Dart Idea and TBH I think In all games I have never truly emptied all of the 18 Round mags that I carry Smile

Although some idiot has put a new spring and lipo in a swarm fire Smile so that may burn though darts faster then needed buy we will see, I may even take an alpha trooper next time.

I get back from spain on the 8th, hopefully I can make this.

Dazzle740 wrote:
I'll see you all again at GuN 8.

Unless your not planning on coming on holiday it's going to be GuN 9!

You have to come! We have problems at GuN...

you need to help us sort them out...

I think I might accidentally end up joining Justajolt and BGUK with the small child bullying now that I have a camera.

Will the 13+ rounds have a higher fps limit?

I would think so. I'd recmmend anyone coming bring a competitive, but not over the top front-loader for the all age games - this is your chance to show off your hammershots, lawbringers etc.

then switch to your big guns for the 13+ games.

Oh god dam it !!!! Just checked the calendar after seeing TBR's post and he's unfortunately correct we go on the annul family holiday on GuN 8 day so inconsiderate lol.

Things are slowly falling into place for me and it looks like i will be able to make this, exciting stuff  Laughing Does this make "Grim Up Nerf" an International Nerf Event? Very Happy Am I an international nerfer? How exciting  Laughing

...old post that made me cringe

At the moment we are trying to keep the two events separate. Dustybin is an exception to the (our) rules because we know him and his parents and know how he joins in. Come along and play your first event. If you show you can 'get it' and look like you'll cope with the other games then we'll reconsider.

Does that sound fair enough?

Sounds fair to me. Dustybin is very much an exception, he ha warred with us, Manchester, Bristol, London, and this weekend, Birmingham. He has seen multiple styles o play, and has demonstrated to lots of groups that he is a trustworthy, level headed player.

I can't remember if you've said if this was your first war NorthernWarrior? There is a difference between plinking your darts at your mate around your house, and a organised Nerf war with established rules. We're not saying you won't 'get it', but we'd rather watch how you play, how you take tags, how you approach the safety aspects etc.

If you demonstrate the same kind of qualities as Dustybin,and come again in a future month then the grim up ne organisers will certainly have a chat abou you joining the older focused games. If you come this month, have a chat with Dustybin and follow his style of play, and have proven chat with us at the end.

We hope to see you at Tong on the 9th

Yep that seems fair

It's looking likely that we will be there, yay!

to what extent does 'must be accompanied at all times' go to? my mums disabled and my dad can't make it(as of now)

For child protection reasons we want an adult who is responsible for you to be onsite at all times. If you have an accident/there is an issue with another player and for lots of other reasons. We don't want to be responsible for other peoples children - we have enough on our plate looking after our own!

Sorry. It's not worth the risk to us to have unaccompanied children at the event.

Accompanied at all times just means an adult on site whilst you are if you're under the age set. I know it stinks, but we'd be liable as organisers if anything went wrong and we've got to be careful in this blame and claim culture †Crying or Very sad

If you're an over 18 who acts like a child, though, that's fine though!

Does this make "Grim Up Nerf" an International Nerf Event? Very Happy Am I an international nerfer? How exciting †Laughing

And yep! I'd say that makes GuN and international event!

Fingers crossed I'll be able to make it to this!

so if my mum sat outside in the car it would be fine? because thats our current plan

If she stays on site for the duration of the event then it doesn't matter if she is in or out of the building. It is very accessible (all on one floor) if she would like to come in. There are other mother's who accompany their children and sit and have a chat while we play.

Now I think about it there's an opportunity there for us to offer fancy coffees to the parents who don't participate to raise a bit of revenue Smile

old_man_nerf wrote:
Now I think about it there's an opportunity there for us to offer fancy coffees to the parents who don't participate to raise a bit of revenue Smile

You may have thought this, my first thought was to arm them with Vulcans to create a machine gun nest Smile

Both ideas have crossed my mind before... and the Vulcans could be arranged, though with us being 2 cars down this month its a bit harder!

Bertha's not coming this month, i'm having a pure springer month - rampage, hammershot, and if we do a single shooters round, my sledgefire.

Given we're only a week away, i'll re-stress some info:

We're back at the Tong chapel, BD4 6RB

If your under 16, we need you to have an adult on site, whether or not they are playing

Loaners are front loaders only, and will have a 20 dart limit

If you bring your own blasters, its a 100 dart limit (I counted out 10 bags of these this morning)

Games start at 1pm

13+ games from 3pm, with an end time around 4:40

We've got at least 1 new game type for you

If your bringing your kids, and are staying for the 13+ games, we'l have a handful of action cameras they can use to film the games with.

'High on costa and totin' a machine gun,
Sign o' the times,'

Howdy guys, just thought I would check in before I head off on holiday Road trip in the morning as I might have sporadic Internet access. I'll arrive in the Leeds area on Friday night and staying over to head to Tong on Saturday. Should be five of us for the first round of games, myself, my other half and three kids, and then myself and my son for the later games and possibly my other half's eldest as he will only be 2 weeks shy of his 13th birthday and has been to a few wars before if that's all ok with everyone? We can sort that out on the day. I'll keep an eye out for Just a Jolt as I know your face now your a YouTube sensation Smile and I'll come introduce myself, looking forward to meeting you all and joining in Grim Up Nerf.  Cheers.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

I'd pm you my mobile number, but i've been without a signal for 6 days thanks to Vodafone, and they are refusing to acknowledge an issue... Justajolt, can you PM him yours?

Where in Leeds are you staying? The centre has a nasty one way system to watch out for. We'll be at the chapel from 12:30

Cheers, I can PM Jolt my number just incase anything change at the last min? Staying in a hotel around about Leeds/Bradford somewhere (not sure which one Girlfriend booked it) but it's not far away and we'll need to check out in the morning so should be there earlyish.

Just to pre warn you im going to be bringing the rough est looking blaster ever. it need a hell off a lot of body work but it fires damn nice Smile

Have you seen what just a jolt uses by way of modified blasters...? You'll have to go a long way to out ghetto him Smile

I'm bringing my double cut down lawbringer held together with duct tape, I think Jolt will approve Very Happy

I'm bringing an OMW modded EAT and a Firestrike plus a stock Modulus ECS10 for lolz.

Might try to get my 2S stryfe ready in time but its looking doubtful

If anyone has a clear series Maverick, I'd love if they could bring it. For purely photographic purposes.

I believe Justajolt has one, theres certainly a green clear one kicking around most months.

I'm after a photo of it loaded with a typical (not weapons grade I promise) red chilli for my spicy food blog ([url][/url] if anyone's interested). Has to be a revolver and has to be clear and untinted.
C.TF mods


Grim Up Nerf has played in the snow before. It might mean a slight rethink on gametypes, and flywheels might not be the advised, but the war will be going ahead.

Pack a coat and a springer, and possibly a change of shoes if the grass is super wet!

I'm pretty sure I've got a Sonic Mav about... I'll bring it along!

And I totally approve of the the double duct tape Lawbringer.

Three of my favourite things in the same place: minimisation, front-loading and duct tape! What's not to like???

Sadly, I won't be able to come due to the fact that I have a really bad cold.

Pity. Get better mate!

Oh no, I was looking forward to meeting you Dustybin Sad

Good luck for today's GuN guys hope you all have fun, I'll look forward to reading the post war review.
Gutted I can't make it.

Have fun guys !!

Have a great one today guys, especially to BigAl and his son who will representing the Scots Smile

We've stopped for hot drinks about 30 mins away

Great War guys! Really enjoyed that.

Was awesome, if a little humid. Will do my best to make snacks for next month.

Well, blow me down, that was a warm and wet afternoon. Full review inbound once i'm home a fed, but suffice to say, that was a killer of an afternoon in terms of activity.

A huge thanks to al and family for calling in on their trip back north, massive shout out to franksie, who fit right in, and we hope to see more of. Northernwarrior and mate and sis, very grown up for their age, we hope to see you again!

BTW northernwarrior, we have Roosters blowgun 'jolt killer'.

Such good fun guys, thanks for having us. Loved every minute and the kids had a blast. Good to meet you all and put faces to names will definitely be back if we're in the area again.

Great afternoon guys and thanks for such a warm welcome!

Special thanks to blindgeek for my mag pouch which worked flawlessly and the fire strike holster and finally some IMRS to show me what my Modulus is actually capable of!

Will definitely be back - with some or all of the clan in due course.  Has also prompted me to think about the chapel a few minutes down the road from me as a venue

Ah ok, we can pick it up next month, right? He says take care of it

Don't suppose anyone knows where the two action cam's went?

The good news is they are definitely not in Telford Laughing

I ain't got them
C.TF mods

yep, just did a full car check, we don't have them

Smile they'll turn up, might have got put in Justajolt gear or the ribbon bag, or the church member whose kids were using them last might have them

Not overly worried.

Edit: one turned up, hidden in the gap at the top of a miranda pouch.

Currently MIA:
1 black action cam
1 orange clear offical 12 round clip (has bguk on it)

I suspect both are in Justajolts bags

Phew! That was a bit of a day!

It was our 7ths public event, held in the usual Tong chapel, a venue we know really well, and how to get the most out of it.

This month was a bit weird, as Old_man_nerf was without a car following a crash, and his son was camping, putting him out of action and making me without a lift. Instead, it was an early start to get two buses and a walk, with all my gear, and 1600 darts, to Justajolts house.

From there it was a bit of a panic while he tried to find a key, then a quick trip to grab Seiryuu, and then a short ride to the venue, including a slow section as we avoided getting pulled over by some cops...

Northern warrior, mum, neighbour and sister were already there, and it wasn't long until Franksie and daughter, and Al and big family appeared. Forms were signed, blasters were laid out, darts loaded, and then a stranger appeared... A new guy, Phil, heard about us via Jutajolts vids, and checked out the website. With any luck he'll signup and introduce himself!

We started with Meatgrinder, a 5 minute warm up, no real rules, run, shoot, get hit... And it involved a lot of giggling.

We moved onto Blob, a game type we've tried beforewithout great success. This time, with everyone taking a blue and red cloth strip and specification rules to say you had to say the team you were claiming them for, it worked great! We tried this 3 times, including a single shot pistol round of it.

I'll be honest, at this point, the actual games we played blurred into one. We ran 3 and a half hours of games, with almost no infection/hvz (that deserves its own paragraph), and a lot of games back to back. There was team deathmatch, black kes down (luddites/terrorists absolutely killed these), defend the core, tig...

Two game types stand out...

HvZ - We had a grand plan from someones suggestion on the chat - Humans start outside, have to clear/make the building safe, and then the infections begin. I'd packed the smoke machine, and started pumping out the smoke into the main hall with the side and fire doors closed, while the humans prepped front loaders, and myself, Justajolt and Al hid as Zombies.

We didn't make the rules clear, and the humans thought they could win by simply clearing the room. Oh well

The downside was, that despite it being a water based smoke fluid that shouldn't set off fire alarms... Except obviously when you FILL a church hall it does... 3 times... HvZ ruined, but it made me laugh, and zombies in the smoke are terrifying.

The other stand out round was Robots/Androids - 2 or more androids, incapable of free thought or movement, unarmed until given a weapon, indestructable. Basically, the robot can't do anything until someone is touching it...

I was one of the robots and it was hilirious, with people getting shot and having to let go, or ordering me to fire even though my weapon was empty

We packed up after 3 and half hours compared to the usua 2 and a half. And I was knackered. Admittedly, i'd been kanackered since the 1 hour mark, by which point we'd down something like 7 games...

Donations were up thanks to people overpaying, and this coupled with the 1600 new darts means we are in a good position.

I'd decided not to take Bertha this month and use my rampage instead... I missded the rate of fire, accuracy and range... Didn't help that the rampage suffered a MAJOR jam a few rounds in and is still out of action.

I used the sledgefire a lot, both singled and triple shot. And loved every shot. Hammershot performed really well, and saved my arse on several occasions, especially when the rampage died.

Gear wise, nothing much to report - highlight would be seeing Franksie use my pouch made for the competition. Held 3 clips well, was used as a blaster holster, and as a dump pouch for front loader rounds. Total success!

Weather was better than expected - it chucked it down as we arrived and as we left, but stayed dry for most of the event. The grass was a little wet, and a few people took a tumble - Justajolt had a bloody elbow, and one of Al's daughter (or partners daughter) took a fall that took the skin off her shins.

Lots of new faces, Al was larger than life and awesome, and all his family - partner and their kids got involved and were ace. Franksie came with one of his girls, and were great. Seiryuu came with a new 'blaster' that absolutely kicked arse, can't wait to see if he can make it event better. Northernwarrior and his mate proved themselves to be almost as grown up and responsible as Dustybin - his mate had built a multi dart blowgun 'jolt killer' that was ace - main suggestion to you two would be pay attention during the dart sweeps and DON'T SHOOT PEOPLE IN THE MOUTH! Smile and of course a huge thanks to Phil, a total stranger, with a shed load of snacks, and awesome stryfe, and a great attitude.

Back to Farsley next month, though Justajolt might be on holiday...

Hey people sounds like you had a good one, sorry for the lack of me been there but I have spent 48 hours in hospital been pumped with antibiotics, Good news id I was on the ward i work on so i got to be annoying and just buzz them all the time and was released early enought to go to my mates party for an hour even if i could not drink Sad , but give me chance to work on my blasters, down side i missed nerfing and got woken up every 6 hours to have my BP taken


Just landed back home after our 10 day Road trip that took us by the delightful Grim up Nerf. Can't thank Blindgeek, Jolt and everyone else enough for their hospitality and warm welcome it was a pleasure to join in. Yes it was my partners wee girl that skinned her shins but she.took it like a trooper and carried on after a little first aid and it was also my partners first time at joining in and she loved it, think we have a new convert to the game Very Happy Really enjoyed the layout and gameplay as it is very different from what we usually play at FDT skatepark nights and.was great to get involved in the CQB battles that go on inside the building. As for blasters, we turned up with a roof box full for all 5 of us so we had plenty of choice and could chop and change between games. It was the first time I had a proper shot of my double Lawbringer and it was absolutely awesome. The double spring gave it enough power to be competitive (was hitting between 70-80 on jolts chrome) and the 24 shots loading on the fly ability made sure I was never caught short of ammo, definitely going to fix the bonding properly on it and paint it up as it was an awesome primary and looks fantastic. Also used my rebarelled rotofury and my upgrade spring EAT for a round each but nothing was as fun as my Lawbringer. I was packing Judge Dredd retaliator on my hip all day but due to never running short of ammo on the primary I never had draw it during a game. Loved the blob game but general consensus from all the family was that Android was by far the best and i can't help of thinking of ways to work it into a FDT game, would be great fun.
Anyway as I said I've lots of family in Yorkshire so would definitely be up for some more Grim up Nerf in the future and I also might send some of my local neices and nephews your way.

Sounds like a fun afternoon - sorry i missed it but replacement car shopping had to take priority.

James - hope you are ok.

BigAl - thanks for the feedback. I'm sure we've 'borrowed' ideas from FDT so only fair you take some of our games north of the border.

If we are back next month at Farsley it's time to have a rethink about the layout and how we can use it to our advantage....

Just by the way, if you enjoyed Grim Up Nerf, we'd like to encourage you to go here:
and give an honest review!

We're not trying to make money. Grim Up Nerf remains not for profit. We're just trying to be more visible to attract more enthusiasts!

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