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GuN 15 (Saturday 11th March) - March Mega Madness!

Once again at Farsley for more close quarter and frantic indoor/outdoor Nerf action.

Doors open at 1200.
Open games for all ages from 1230 to 1500.
13+ games from 1500 onwards.

The wristbands worked well last month, so we'll be doing that. We're also experimenting with a ticketing system to keep numbers manageable. Tickets are free, with 1 donations still most welcome so we can keep stocking up the dart pool ^_^

We are also keeping Facebook up to date with details so follow Grim up Nerf page there for full event details.

The schedule has been cleared and myself and TBR will be in attendance, I also have taken delivery of 200 waffle tip darts which will be added to the pool.

Excellent - be great to have you there. New darts are appreciated. The dart pool has been cleansed following the last event - more darts are on their way to replace the fallen but any contribution to make up the shortfall is welcome.

See y'all there!

Like I'd miss it

I am going to arrive a bit late, 1250hours ETA.

We are on route (thr and myself) eta same as Dustybin's @ 12:50 approx.

Great to see you all this afternoon and catch up with old friends as well as make some new ones. GuN went international this afternoon with our first player from Canada coming along whilst on his holidays in the UK! Awesome stuff. GuN rocks!

Look forward to the AAR Smile

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