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Gun mounted spare mags.. Practical or tacticool?

I'm dreaming up my primary and coming up with a staged plan to take it from stock to warlord (more on that another time,  I hope)  and have a skeleton of ideas made up.... but have decided to skip over the boring details and think about what I want on the tac rails Very Happy

So there's a plethora of seemingly good printed parts nowadays and some that have caught my eye are the mag holders like in the following (no affiliation I'm sure there are plenty others).

Anyway I was wondering if anyone had any experience of anything of the ilk and wanted to get people's thoughts.

I will admit to be leaning towards getting some.  I like the idea of being able to swap out-and-out mags with dropping my eye line.  They'd be mounted on to a modulus.

Put your magazines in a pouch. That way your blaster stays unencumvered, easy to handle and you can quickly put away empties. A mag pouch for several mags   is 10  and won't shrink over time or fall off like 3d printed ones.

I, too, can vouch for the utility of a dump pouch. Go for one with an elastic drawstring to eliminate the annoying jangle of empty mags banging against each other as you run. As long as you wear a sturdy belt (generally a must for tac gear regardless of your rig) then you should be shiny. Also, a dum,p pouch is multipurpose, so if you don't need to hold empty mags you can carry socks, water, snacks,  loose darts, a small med kit, or whatever else you need.

Okay,  exposing my noob credentials but I didn't know that 3d plastic was prone to shrinking,  how much of a problem is that with 3D printed parts?

In honesty I was planning on running a rig also (got a plate holder for a fancy dress costume a million years ago) but I was thinking that my main issue may be where they'd be mounted in relation to wherever I needed to put my arms.

As above. If you're doing something where you don't need much ammo, and don't want to carry any additional gear, 2-3 mags taped together into a "jungle mag" is a simpler, cheaper and more robust solution than 3D printed mounts (I've knocked/broken 3D printed mag holders off Nerf rails before) but in pretty much any other situation belt kit/vest-mounted pouches are the way to go.

Many 3d prints for magazine holders in particular rely on tight tolerances to work and they're have been numerous reports of people with broken/unusable holders as a result. Narrowbase have reputedly fixed the problem with theirs but I gave no idea about the others. BSUK printed parts don't (in my experience) shrink and the fact that they don't make a mag holder should tell you iall you need to know.
They have always been very open minded about gear, plus they test a lot, that's why most of us trust their kit.

Minky wrote:
I was thinking that my main issue may be where they'd be mounted in relation to wherever I needed to put my arms.

This is one of the big issues I've noticed with attaching mags directly to your blaster using whatever 3D printed part you choose. They tend to make the blaster quite unwieldy and awkward, with the awkwardness multiplying as each additional mag is attached. This is especially the case with smaller blasters where an 18rd mag can be nearly as long as the blaster itself.

I don't have much personal experience with 3D printed parts, but I can say that they tend to be more fragile than traditional injection molded plastic (like Nerf blasters).

If you're looking for a 3D printed part to make for quick and easy mag change you could go for something more like this rather than attaching it to the blaster.

Not sure how well it would work but from what I've read it's a lot more stable if you use one towards the top and another towards the bottom as there's a lot of wobble from using just a single centralised one.

Thanks all for your input.  For the price of them I may try them in the future,  maybe, but in my minds eye I could totally see these getting snapped off at the first time of use now. Oh well. Back to the daydreams Smile

The 3Dprintedsolid mag holders are good and they improved the print so that they don't skink as heavily. Holster style is still better.

I can come at this from multiple angles...

On Bertha, I have the reinforced modulus stock with a 12 round clip in, which I find a very useful reload for when I am unprepared. I also have a 3d prined clip holder that perfectly fits on the remains of the side rail thanks to the 180 cover. In this I store a 6 round clip, wihich really is a last ditch reload, but one i've had to use a couple of times

I have a BSUK Miranda pouch in drop leg config with 3 18's in it. I'm still not as smooth at reloading from here as I'd like, but i'd say that Mirandas are an essential bit of kit for clip users...

Finally I have that 3d printed dual mag holder linked... It is a total and utter absolute fail! If people want to try them, grab one off me at GuN!

My overall suggestion is to try a couple of different options and find the one that works for you. Mirandas are great, a dump pouch is brilliant, a stock based clip holder is a good option for some

If you don't care too much about the look you can duct tape the mags together like I've done, I've found my reload times are a lot better this way.


Blaster mounted magazine carriage isn't the best idea in the world. As others have pointed out, they have a nasty tendency to get bulky and annoying, encumbering a blaster and making handling difficult.

There is also the issue with the holders themselves. I usually get a couple of people a week coming to me for Mirandas because their 3D printed piece has worn out over time or isn't the right size. Magazine pouches really don't have that issue. 3D printed magazine holders also remain fixed in size so when empty they don't collapse. This has the double effect of not tucking away when empty but also posing a risk to itself because it can be knocked or generally damaged.

I run these myself all the time. Though, I would hope so since I developed and tested them to be the best magazine carriage solution I could find for Nerf. With a bit of practice, you don't need to take your eyes away from the blaster or indeed the target. It's entirely possible to operate an entire magazine swap by feel and not looking. Smile They collapse to flat when empty, are made from the same grade nylon the Army use for their kit and can be mounted to both belt and MOLLE plates. I use between 3 and 8 of them on my various battle rigs in pretty rough conditions.

Thanks again for your thoughts guys. I had another look as to where the tac rails are placed and it seems unlikely they'll ever be practical with 18's or 22's for this blaster at least. They'd hang over the battery cover/fore grip limiting use to the outside surface where you'd have to either cross your left arm under the blaster or use your trigger hand (for righties).
Having them on the one side would stop it being ambidextrous and throw it's balance right off.
Awkward. Of course I could get a couple of banana mags and rock them either side of the barrel extension like some kind of elephant set up. Psychological nerfare.

If you want a quick draw, having a mag in your stock is a really good idea.

BGUK's comment about trying things out to see what works for you is spot on.

I'm a tightwad, so I use mag pouches made of duct tape and card, which work for me!

I've had mixed experiences taping mags together "jungled". Works fairly well for short games, although darts fall out the bottom if you run a lot.

In some blasters, taping mags together in a W shape works well, allowing topping up of mags as you go.

For most games, a good duct tape pouch works for both topping up and easy carriage.

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