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Haiku for Darts: A non-official competition!

As you folks may or may not know, I do a lot of chronograph work and my protocol requires me to use pack fresh Koosh darts. I fire them once and they're done. Each test uses around 100 darts and I can't use them all (even with my accuracy through volume of fire doctrine) so here's a thing:

Write a Nerf related Haiku, post it here and your entry will be considered. Closing date is midnight 20th December and I will judge/announce the winner on Wednesday evening.

I will post on Thursday so you get your darts in time for Christmas

How many darts is a lot? 100+ Honestly, I don't know since I've not done all my pre-Christmas testing yet
What the hell is a Haiku? It's a three line poem with a 5/7/5 syllable structure. That's it.
Why Haiku? Well, it was going to be limericks but since someone stole the copper from outside  the flat, I've been playing a lot of Borderlands. Zero is the Haiku Hitman so yeah...
Is this an official BritNerf/Blastersmiths UK competition? Nope, this is just me looking to dispose of a bunch of darts creatively and interestingly
Who's judging the competition? Me and my very dry, dark sense of humour
How do I win? Compose the best Haiku that's related to Nerf, weight will be given to the ones that follow most closely to the structure and spirit of the original Haiku. Some guidelines can be found on WIkipedia
Can I submit multiple entries? Yes. Please try to keep them to one post so edit your OP if you have more to add
Do I have to pay postage? Nope, that's free too
What even if I'm on the other side of the globe? Yup, I'll post wherever in the world you are though I can't guarantee you'll get them before February Very Happy
Can I just dibs them for my group? Nope, I already offered them to Bristol Blast who said they had enough so I figured I'd open it to the floor
Can I send my entry via PM for consideration? Nope, only entries in this thread will be considered
Are you actually an angry Nerf Santa sending darts before the holiday season to spread good cheer? Maybe...

Get composing, go!


Here are my 2 entries (I can't win but I can enter! Razz)

Darts, darts, darts, darts, darts
Darts, darts, darts, darts, darts, darts, darts
Darts, darts, darts, darts, darts

Koosh, Koosh, Koosh, Koosh, Koosh
Koosh, Koosh, Koosh, Koosh, Koosh, Koosh, Koosh
Koosh, Koosh, Koosh, Koosh, Koosh

IMRs are fun.
LiPos are so much better.
Trustfires are evil.

Takes a lot longer
To find lost darts if they are
Green koosh not yellow

First painted blaster
Turned out a disaster
But now fires faster

I was full of joy
At receiving a new toy
But got a deploy

When I was a boy
I never got to try Nerf
Making up for it

Foam darts are flying
Zombies are all around us
How will we escape

Walking dead behind
Magazines are depleted
Help I need some darts

LiPo is charged
Hammershot fully loaded
Time to make foam fly

Back to back we wait
Five paces with Jolt in hand
Turn, take aim and fire

Darts flying everywhere,
you don't have time to think,
Hope your shot hits.

Blaster is jammed,
Oh my here comes the zombie,
Throw the dart instead.

Decided to try Nerf
Having the best time on Earth
Then fell and ate turf


Not a better sight
Than getting a shot just right
At target in flight


Post merge. -Boff


Marvellous work so far, folks. I've had a good chuckle reading through. Smile I have updated the original post to clarify a few things for you.

It's Nerf or nothing!
Aftermarket parts dont count,
Darts or otherwise Wink

What is a Nerf war?
Shooting your foam everywhere!
Remember eyewear.

EDIT: this is just for fun and not to be included in the competition. Thanks.

This is a Haiku
It comes from ancient japan.
add Nerf if you can

Is Nerf, Nerf in Larp
Or is Larp, just Larp with Nerf
Is Nerfing Larping

Take man, add Nerf gun
Sprinkle with darts, then spray paint
Now have a fun time

Don't Nerf in the night
You darts get lost in the dark
Unless yours are glow darts

love this idea, even without the bonus prize


Nerf darts in my clip
A blaster ready to go
Now, who to shoot at

and something a bit more traditional

Foam floats on the breeze
The screams of war they follow;
echoing flywheels

Just finished my first round of pre-Christmas testing. I've got a shoebox that's slowly filling up with darts. Remember, folks, you've got until Tuesday evening to get your entries in.

Now where did I put those Hellcats? Very Happy

Flywheels spin around very fast
Springers prime with a compress
Both fling foam, so we all have a blast

I probably thought far longer than I should have for that!

For fun, not to be included in the competition  Very Happy

My crap poetry
Has nothing to do with Nerf
So please just shoot me

Edit: Reading this back once posted, I wondered if it could be taken as jab at the haiku competition overall.
Just wanted to say that I've thought that the entries have been rather good and this is me taking the mick out of myself

Entries are now closed for this. I'll retire and consider them before announcing my winner later this evening. Thank you to everyone who took part, it was great reading entries and I had a good giggle with some of them. Smile

Do a booby prize for the worst! (Says the guy without an entry)

Hehe.. The empty shoebox!

No booby prize because I can't decide on the worst, they're all good! Very Happy However, several do stand out and get special mention. So, without further ado here are the winners of my shoebox of darts (not as full as I'd like but it's there):

First prize goes to:
Sparky2504 wrote:
Decided to try Nerf
Having the best time on Earth
Then fell and ate turf

I felt this one had the best of both worlds: it made me laugh but it had a touch of the traditional Gaia/seasons vibe to it that's so common in Haiku. Plus I can relate to falling flat on my face so many times when Nerfing! I mean, Sparky got a little boost from the accuracy by volume thing but there ya go...  (That's because he submitted more entries not because more entries biased my judging Razz)

Special mentions are as follows:
blindgeekuk wrote:
Takes a lot longer
To find lost darts if they are
Green koosh not yellow

BGUK's one struck a chord with the use of colour and a problem all Koosh users can relate to.

BobCatMax wrote:

Foam floats on the breeze
The screams of war they follow;
echoing flywheels

This gets a special mention as the most traditional of all of the submissions. It has the very strong visual theme that is present in Haiku and one that really sticks with you. Plus, I can see the equivalent of a Nerfing Zero saying it on the field. Very Happy


Thank you all those who entered. It was great reading your entries and counting syllables on my fingers. I hope I can think of little mini-competitions like this in 2017. I might go with a limerick contest next...

Sparky, drop me a PM and I'll get your address so I can send these with tomorrow's post. I expect they will get there in time for Christmas for you.

Thanks Boff
Great idea for a competition end thoroughly enjoyed myself wasting my working hours trying to think up more haikus.
Glad to see the pain of faceplanting whilst getting a gut full of stampede wasn't for nothing lol.

Darts don't work at all
they squish and break and collapse
i like discs better
UK Foam

Flywheel master race
Cantered concave cages
Flinging foam damn straight

Winter is over
Spring is around the corner
Flywheel master race

Chest rig battle belt
Shove foam into your pockets
But not the deploy

Oh longshot front gun
Reverse plunger technology
Not for flinging foam

Thanks Boff, really chuffed with that

Superb idea for a competition![/u]

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