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Hammershot Holster from Bottle Belt and (more) Duct Tape

Yeah, so there's a running theme here...

During a trip to Marsden and Slaithwaite (nice little Pennine towns), I saw a Lafuma bottle belt in a charity shop. It looked Hammershot sized, and the 1 was worth the risk. Even more so when everything turned out to be half price!

As it happened, it was very slightly too small! So, out came the scissors and the duct tape! The rear of the pouch already has velcro on it, so I cut through the material, extended one side with duct tape and added a self adhesive velcro strip.

The Hammershot fits snugly and low enough that it doesn't fall out, yet it can be drawn from the top quickly, or from the side by breaking the velcro (loop and hook if we're concerned about that sort of thing) seal.

With a little more duct tape and additional straps at the top, I think it could also house a blaster with a larger diameter (Barricade? Speedswarm?) The strap at the bottom could also extend for a longer blaster.

I haven't decided whether to wear this on the hip or leg (by attaching a strap to it then a belt) yet. Either way, the same padding which would have prevented a bottle of water becoming a discomfort also makes the Hammershot a painless carry.

It's worth noting that it still seems harder to get at my Hammershot wearing this than just dangling it from a bandolier, but maybe that'll just come with use!

Great idea. I would suggest wearing it on your leg if you are worried about ease of access. I would imagine being on your hip would make the draw just that little bit slower.

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