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Hammershot questions + Added questions

I have two questions

First off I have heard that the metal hammershot Is nice to fit and has god performance increase but apparently it can crack the shell, is this an urban myth?

Secondly, has anyone used the holster below, if so how well does it work with a hammershot. I have an amazon code that I need to use by tomorrow so I decided on free Nerf things Smile

Third question

I want to make some attachment like Captain Xavier does but I can't find decent UK parts suppliers anyone able to help on this

My apologies for the longer post and having them all in one post wanted to cut down on clutter

Many thanks


Ill buy it and see how it is as i can send it back

The holster in question is too small for effective use with a Hammershot if memory serves. Smile

When you say attachments like Captain Xavier, what do you mean? Reference links would be useful.

I would avoid bothering with crap holsters. Blastersmiths MK4 does everything, as well as being able to mount in any configuration.
As for the metal parts, they will cost you FPS, with only a slight increase in durability. Spend the money you would waste on the metal hammer on buying a Gavinfuzzy or AitchAtachments 8 shot or Jase3d 7 shot cylinder then get a 12mm spacer made of hepworth pipe for best power, it adds to the stock spring to give full compression and out shoots all the mod springs.

1) I have the metal kit, and like OldNoob says, its weight costs you some fps. Looks badass though! i've got some shell damage from it, and the sear on the trigger needs a tiny bit of work to engage properly. Is it worth it for performance? no, a pipe spacer works better. Is it worth it for looks, yeah

2) I have a very similar holster for my hammershot. it 'works'. I've had the hammershot fly out of it mid run at GuN events, as I can't find the perfect tightness. I'm replacing mine with a bsuk mk4...

3) to give Boff some context:

I think his loadouts are cool, but thats for a very different style of play, at best, we fire koosh/elites, mega, rivals, vortex, demolisher, boomco over here, and our games don't rely on re-using ammo

Ah that Captain Xavier. Yeah, the epitome of all the gear and no idea trope. Very Happy He seems to know what he's doing but his entire design philosophy is diametrically opposed to my own.

OP, I assume you're looking for parts to allow you to fire stuff from a HAMP or other air powered system as per his Stampede system? For Rival, 32mm OD pipe works pretty well for airgun work in my experience. I might have a length floating around if that's something you'd be interested in.

blindgeekuk wrote:

3) to give Boff some context:

You are bang on the dot there mate, Its more for Larp that I want it as My character is the kind of person who loves to tinker with blasters so that they can scrounge any type of salvaged armor. I'm more looking at how and where to get the cupulars at as I can never seem to find any at B&Q. But mike ifi could take you up on the offer that pipe please.

The full metal kit is for looks I think.

Thanks for the advice on the holster I will look for other goodies as it's a free amazon code that they gave me so has to be spent there.

Many thanks james

1. The metal hammershot kits add a better weight and feel to the hammershot as well as adding to the looks department. I have the metal blasterworks kit and it is perfect for fanning imo.

As for robustness that is yet to be seen other than quite a few drops from my home made holster during HVZ, I do have the habit of dropping stuff and it is pretty hardy Wink

I tried the spacer and the blasterparts spring with and without the full metal works. I am sure scientifically there is some difference but it is not noticeable to me. In the end it does all comes down to personal preference.

I looked at the barrel mods and they look less robust (obviously thinner walled) than stock and I would also be worried about dart compatibility. They are also not cheaply available in the UK so far, anyone have real battle experience of them?

2. Nope sorry, I made my own from webbing just to fit the hammershot and whilst it works I have to say for full on sprinting I may be buying a blastersmiths one shortly (see 1 above!).

3. Looks like this guy has taken various bits of different blasters to build a pressure chamber and various adapters, the boomco launcher looks a little OTT.

There are some new attachments coming out soon for Nerf modulus like the 'Nerf Modulus Barrel Strike Blaster'. They may turn out to be poor but may be useful as a starting point for a mod.

If you are looking for an under slung grenade launcher type device I totally get it. I will at some point get around to fitting a magnus under a rapidstrike, that appears to work very well.

We have all been running both Aitch and Jase, OutofDarts and Gavin cylinders. All those have worked superbly. If they were crap we would have flagged them.
The practical difference between the Blasterparts kit and a 12mm bit of hep pipe is 6-8fps. Well printed cylinders also gain 2-3fps from a tighter barrel fit.
If you must fan fire then you can retain the higher hammer speed of a light plastic hammer by using the Slydev hammer.

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