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Happy birthday to me

Look what the wife and kids got me, thats love right there 💞

I'll do a review once I get a chance, it looks like some sort of mutant space badger!


Shiny! Will this be your new FDT primary? I want to name one the Mutant Space Badger now.

New from hasbro: The new Nerf Wombat strike  Elite Mutant Space Badger. Ranges up to 6.78 feet with new and unchanged fearless flyer internals. Buy today for just 899 and get a free Badger. Home Depot exclusive.

Aside from that, Happy birthday and sweet blaster

I found this to be a lot of fun! Merry Birthday and enjoy with a couple of IMRs ^_^ (cue everyone tellng me off for not LiPoing)

Happy birthday! I look forward to seeing your opinion on it!

Thats the plan Dusty, I grabbed a fearless fire for my daughter when they were on offer so I'm finally going to have to break my duck when it comes to electrical blasters and mod this pair up.

My 3 main characteristics for a skatepark blaster are;
Front loading, turret fed and maneuverable, so Ive high hopes.

Initial impression purely on handling, is its very comfortable and the ergonomics are great. Sure the stock length is a bit short but its good for moving the blaster around in front of your body.

The angled thumb hole fore grip works well and the trigger grip and hand guard are massive, no issues there at all.
Its a heavy blaster, I'll get it on a pair of scales and check but its a fair lump.

I know its just a re-shell but what a shell 👽

Modding electronic blasters is easy! 10 minutes with wire and wire cutters, a soldering iron and solder (obviously), new motors (3240s, black pig motors or hellcats) and a lipo. The internals will be the same as a stryfe/fearless fire so that's 2 motors, a switch and 3 wires.

You. Are. Mental.

That thing is a beast!

That looks really good.

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