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Has Rival reached critical mass yet?

So we now have the Apollo, Zeus, Khaos and Atlas.  All look pretty cool, except for the smaller clip sizes (fixed somewhat by the Khaos and the HIRricance) but have we yet reached a critical mass whereby this is a viable option at a war?  Scavenging is a critical part of a game so obviously we are reliant on being able to pick up as a war progresses - this relies on others using the same ammo.

Does anyone foresee an 'all rival' or 'majority' rival war happening any time soon?

No-ones brought a rivals blaster to a Grim Up Nerf event yet, and thats with Justajolt having bought one via the Trading section!

Ammo is the key choke point and our efforts to fix it are slow at best. I'm working on it... Smile
The Dark Kitten

They in some way are now war usable with the number of blasters in the line.
However it is unlikely people will go out of there way and buy them because it means :
Large investments (as the blasters themselves are expensive)
Further investments with the HIR's
And the fact that it's out of what we are use to.
To be honest we as a group don't particularly like going away from what we are use to.
So it is unlikely we will go out and use rival until momentum is built up

The biggest issue I see is Magazines. I am tempted by the Atlas, but then I can't see myself using it as a primary as I will only have one magazine for it. So even if I bought 1000 rounds to a war my reloads would be super slow.

I could be wrong, but I am yet to see any Rival Magazines for sale on their own either from Hasbro or a 3RE party company.

i agree with the views expressed so far.  Rival would be great if we didnt already have high expectations set by dart blasters e.g. high capacity magazines, availability of ammunition, 3rd party or manufacturer support for additional magazines.

I cannot fathom why additional mags aren't part of an initial release, along with additional ammunition - surely kids would rather empty 3 or 4 mags of HIRs before having to go and pick them up and reload?!  It makes no sense to me to make a magazine fed system then not provide additional magazines to buy!

A cynic would say they might be expecting players to buy another blaster to get the magazine to use in both blasters. But then they have scuppered this by making the magazine's different for each blaster.

An interesting launch plan on the part of Hasbro.....

I've always felt that it's Dart Tag MKII. They probably feel they've left dart tag in the dust for too long to resurrect it so they're trying something new and edgy, only this time they're expecting us to do ALL the work in making it big, rather than just most of it. RIVAL works, but only in a competitive setting, NATO adopted a unified calibre for good reason and so have we and trying to get us to spend even more money on extra stuff is hardly going to keep buyer confidence at a high, especially when dartzone and buzz bee are knocking stuff out for half the price that's just as and often more good than the Nerf alternat

I am a Rival fan but understand the cost implications of the line; ammo and blasters. It is tough to beat the number of dart blaster options and the cheapness of the blasters/ammo, and obviously the number of people using them. If you can afford to buy HIRs and just carry enough on you to last a game then maybe...can fit into a standard war/battle  Razz

On another note; I have been a Nerf'er for a 5/6 years and apart from 3 or 4 friends I haven't had much luck getting the majority into Nerf but I have had a bigger success with getting them all to pick up a Rival blaster and fire balls at each other...not 100% sure why but when asked I get a answer that comes down to, they see this as a kind of "home safe" paintball Confused

And that is kind of it...Rival seems to succeeds in a CQ field, in this case our back gardens.

I know a lot of my friends are very keen on the Atlas and though the price is high most are willing to save up for it....though they won't pick up a £15 stryfe.......go figure.

I hope that made sense is a big of a rabble  Smile

Franksie wrote:
I cannot fathom why additional mags aren't part of an initial release, along with additional ammunition - It makes no sense to me to make a magazine fed system then not provide additional magazines to buy!

Magazines and reloads †have been available from the start from argos. But other retailers should have them too, possibly at lower prices.

We'll see Rivals at GuN before long ^_^

18 quid for a spare mag, wowsers!

Justajolt wrote:
We'll see Rivals at GuN before long ^_^

We saw a rival ball this weekend but not the blasters yet.

I want to use Rivals, but I haven't gotten any yet. My friend has a Zeus and after using it I was impressed.  However I think at this point, the three biggest problems are investment, magazines, and limited selection.  Investment and magazines have already been discussed, the selection is still a problem.  I think that Rivals still needs a pistol, either mag fed while still staying compact or single shot/cylinder.

There's always the AR removed Bigshock if you want a single shot muzzle loaded rival blaster but I agree, the line does seem to be lacking in compact blasters, which is odd given the small ammo size.

I wanted to get into it but it's just fallen into the same category as boomco for me, it's superficially the same thing/hobby but it's not got whatever it was that drew me into foam darts in the first place.

I think they're playing quite a delicate game, with the releases... They launched deliberately inferior blasters, to give them scope for easy upgrades in future (ie, sell you a top prime springer today, then sell you a pump action to replace it later). But the flipside is the product isn't as good as it could be, and it's slowed the release programme. That's quite conflicty, as a buyer, because ultimately it means we're being gamed but maybe it strengthens sales which gives it a better future...

From where we stand it doesn't erally feel, to me, that Rivals has got enough traction. But we're just a drop in the bucket, it could be they're selling millions of them to people that we don't know about.

I'll wager given the lower costs in the states these will be pretty big there.

If enough people in Scotland had them I'd happily run a Rivals only war, but I think only 1 family of my regulars (father and son) have them.

I'm back in Orlando next year so may invest and bring back.

I agree, Northwind. It's the same as fashion... Starts off all exclusive and expensive so the die hards get and flaunt it; drops in price so that aspirational a who've been watching can afford and buy; is now mainstream so everyone wants one and another small drop results in more purchases; finally ends up in the bargain basement to get value from those with little cash. Except Hasbro only does te first two stages...

as long as the ammo can get cheaper that would make me happy! Must say I like flicking between darts, HIRs and Straws (boomco) keeps me entertained and interested in modding the different blasters
daniel k

the only usage I can see of rival would be specialty ammo in a Bigshock. however, it could be a bit over powered to have mega and rival capabilities. even if you did bring and of the magazine fed blasters, it would be worse than using boomco, due to the ecosystems being so infrequently used in the UK, but at least boomco has so cool mod capability's (zombona machine). the HIRricane, I find, has no use unless it could retain semi auto. the drop of from the first shot is worse than any other flywheel gun IMO.

Well I just picked up a Khaos at Smyths so I hope so... However I'm currently experiencing the buyer's remorse and am desperate for A: separate mags and B: a source of cheap HIRs

For cheapish look at hardballs -

They perform very close to office HIRs and are cheaper than them. I hoping for the new patch to come out soon...hopefully in pink  Smile

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