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Have I bought FVJ's, and if so, what do I do with them?


I ordered some cheapo amazon darts (long before I got on this forum - but they only just arrived).

They looked like voberries in the ad as there was a picture of a finger squashing the tip.

The darts that have arrived bear all the hallmarks of FVJ's (slightly smaller tip than foam, flat ends which are trapezium shaped rather than domed), but are not solid plastic. They are a kind of hard rubber?

What are they? and if they're FVJ's do I do with them? I'm sure they are banned at most wars and I don't want to fire them at people anyway!

If you don't want them, go to war with the seller. Amazon's protection and claims process is surprisingly rubbish and bollocksy to deal with but you'll always get a refund, for mis-selling.

Cheers NW - that is exacly what I've done.

Previous experience with dodgy stuff from amazon tells me they won't want them back, so even if I get a refund I'll be lumbered with them.

Maybe I'll only shoot them with my Maverick, that way nobody get hurt coz it'll jam Smile

Nothing at all wrong with using FVJ's for target shooting, friend trolling, smashing chocolate bunnies/Santa's (See Make Test Battle on YouTube) or in games with other people who know you are using them. We can't use them at our indoor venues due to fixture damage. We don't use them at Britnerf outdoor games because we want people to have a positive experience and we are often in parks not closed fields!
They are not inherently dangerous.

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