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Havokfire Loop Chain! Big Bad Frontloader!

I made one! And got it working ^_^

I've got this rather than pictures.

I had to file off a little bit of the Havokfire shell to make it work. Sparks flew when I tried to increase the rate of fire!


In the future, please refrain from making a post in modifications that contains only a video link. If you wish to show off a mod you've done, feel free to post some photos in the stickied mod/paintjob thread. Alternately, if you wish to discuss how/why you did something or ask for feedback, you may post a new thread with pictures of the blaster (and a link to a video if you wish) and a short blurb about challenges/method/questions you might have.

Mod/Admin Team

daniel k

I need this in my life!!!!!!!

Like it! 😊

Point taken ^_^

Pictures and commentary as follows:

The belt was looped by breaking the glue seal on the back of the grey dart holders with a screwdriver and levering them up to unclip the sides and break the glue seal on the front. I won't post a link to illustrate, but by all means go and watch how I did it. It works well and makes whatever configuration you make non-permanent so you can chop and change. With some effort, you can clip one of the ends from an unscrewed green bit in with the original dart.

You can barely tell from a distance that there's been a join made! See below:

Here's the bit I filed off! Didn't completely remove it, just took the edge off the top.

The chain struggles with Elites, I think because they're thinner than, say, whistlers, so there's less useful air pressure staying behind them as they exit the tube, less velocity and they don't beat the chain. Still got to experiment on kooshes, but I suspect they'll be fine too coz they bigger.

I like what it does and I'm looking forward to doing stuff with it on Saturday and sharing the infinite joy ^_^

Would it work with a single belt or are they too short?

I don't know! I'll try and post ^_^

Since I had time today, I dug my Havok-fire out of the pile and attempted this today. A single belt can be looped quite happily and will even fit over the handle, so that you can take it off of the blaster for storage elsewhere. Now to research spring mods to increase dart distance.

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