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Havokfire - Springs = (Jolt + Hammershot) Upgraded

Alright, the above isn't mathematical, but I came across a spring I haven't met before when I was cannibalising a dead Havokfire with the intention of trying the main spring in a Hammershot combined with stock spring.

Firstly, the main spring.

The Havokfire spring looked a little lengthy, but it fitted and definitely increased performance compared with my other stock Hammershot! If I manage to get one of those new 3D printed 7-Dart barrels, this may be my new favourite sidearm!

Now back to the Havokfire...

As I cracked open the cover which secures the battery tray, it occurred to me that there was probably a compression spring there and I decided to take a look. I found quite a sturdy spring about 3.5cm in length and with a familiar looking diameter. I got a Jolt from my box of pistol style blasters and sure enough, we had a perfect fit. Despite the lack of length, I was pleasantly surprised with performance on firing the Jolt. I don't have distances or a chrono reading, but it seemed similar to the well known stock Jolt + Long Shot front gun spring combo.

Then I looked at the Hammershot spring.

From left to right: Jolt Stock, Longshot Frontgun, Havokfire battery case, Hammershot.

The link was made. Left Jolt Stock + Longshot Frontgun. Right  Havokfire battery case + Hammershot.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but both of the springs on the right are thicker than those on the left.

This somewhat exotic spring combo made the Jolt somewhat heavy to prime, but still caught and made my day (Sad, I know, but the clue's in my name!)

Happy new year.

You know, the spring in a rebelle secret shot is actually incredibly powerful. Its very thick, and very tightly coiled so it fits in the hammershots spring area perfectly, but if it gets full compression with a hot glue buffer, you'll need two and a half men to prime the thing.

I'll have to find me a secret shot...

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