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Hellcat Rapidstrike

This build begins with a rather unorthodox Valentine's Day gift. My girlfriend treated me to a brand new XD Rapidstrike and I promised her that I would make it something special. After purchasing two of the three hellcats at the London mod party, I was certain that these should be used. I'd also had another Hawki cage printed.

Next was the wiring side of things, BSUK. Hopped on to the good old black and red to have a browse. I came away with the new RS MOSFET loom, 1x Hellcat and a pair of covers. Once these had arrived I started the build. Following the schematic, I translated it into a colour coded, component location map of sorts. This allowed me to keep track of all my wire colours and connections. (I'm aware of the feed from the motors and that it's most likely meant to be blue). After my Wolverine Stryfe build, the MOSFET wiring was a doddle. I chose to put the diode between the motors as it keeps the rest of the wire runs beat and simple. Also the splice from the motors, going into the MOSFET is 16awg. I kept it 16awg as it is feeding power to the pusher. The control wire from the switch into the MOSFET is a shot length of 18awg. All other thin wire is for LED's and the Voltmeter. The voltmeter was fitted in the location displayed by FDS as I have found this location to be very appropriate.

All external pieces were secured with plastic epoxy as my Devcon is out of date. The led that is seen in the pictures was purchased on Amazon, it is a 12v LED. In the close up you can see a small resistor concealed under the heatshrink, this is how they come. (Again I'm aware that the red wire on the LED should be blue but I'm not going to bother rewiring it).

Overall a very simple yet effective build, props to Mike for dealing with me hassling him. Very much excited to give this a run at a war. Ultimately I want to run this on a Graphene 1.5AH 65c 3S.

As usual any tips, comments or criticisms are very welcome!


That's very cool mate. Seems very clean in construction and operation.
One thing I would say (and I would be interested to hear yours and other members views) is that recently I've taken the heat shrink off my Mosfets as I found out how hot they can get (shorted a 6v alkaline test pack through one for an age) and figure the added insulation is going to reduce the ability of the heat sink to sink heat.

Ah yes, I see what you mean. I would normally not chose to completely insulate the FET but I developed the habit previously when the FET was havering near the diode. The small section of exposed diode leads were a slight hazard.

Nice. Just out of interest where did you get the motor cage printed? Looks like a very clean print.

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