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Help me spend some vouchers

Right-O folks!

I've been in a new job for a month, and as well as getting my salary I've been given 30 in vouchers as a 'token of appreciation' for not running off after experiencing a nightmare week as a newbie.

So what shall I treat myself to?

I thought of putting it towards an Rival Artemis initially

But then thought, as I have thrifted a Rayven, Strongarm, Retailiator and Stryfe; maybe a rotary tool is a good option

However I haven't yet acquired a soldering iron to enable to to start any electriconic mods

WWTBNCD? (What would the Brit Nerf Community Do?)

Buy a soldering iron or an Artemis. I have made all my mods without ever needing a Dremel or similar.
A soldering iron is an essential tool. The Artemis is a good blaster if you want to get into rival but if you are going to a Britnerf game something to mod a dart blaster you own is better, as darts are more commonly used.

Depends on what you want to do matey. If you're going for electrical modding then soldering iron is the way forward, shell  modifications then I'd get the individual tools that do each of the jobs the die cutter/Rotary tool/Dremel does but with much more precision (and most times, ease) probably for cheaper, if you're just after fun/springer/quick performance then the Artemis, as a rival, would seem a good shout.

Tools to get rather than Rotary tool would be (please, anyone, jump in with those I've missed or 'proper' names):
Senior hacksaw,
Jeweller's piercing saw,
Diagonal cutter pliers,
End cutter pliers,
Micro/needle files

Honestly I hardly use my dremel-a-like apart from when it's on a piece that is internal.. And even then there's normally an easier way of doing it with one of the above tools. (The only external pieces I have used it on I'm going to have to touch up/rework so false economy).

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