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Hero Son of Sentinel Union

(sorry for the sentinel joke carried over from Reddit).

My sons first major modding project - an internal spring upgrade (although it's pretty good out the box) and then an additional stock just because that's pretty rubbish out the box.

Still needs a bit of filling/sanding/painting but he was so chuffed with the progress i said i'd share it here.


Nice work! Coming along very well, I am sure it will be terrorising proles at GuN in pretty short order.

First thought on seeing this is that you could remove the Sledgefire shell holders from the stock, pack it out with something like epoxy putty or styrene sheet to make a magazine holder for it. Smile

Hadn't thought of that but it's a good idea. Will get him to get the dremel out again.
The Dark Kitten

I love my...Jolts...sentinel and by testing it i really found i did lack in the comfort department.
In reality you are correct by giving it a new stock. As from my belief it defiantly needs it.
I would have put a LS stock (shot) on it and then sorted out the front area so the grip is a bit tighter.
I would have never thought of throwing a sledgefire stock on it and to be fair it gives a stunning result! I hope it serves you both well

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