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Hi All (introduction and a quick question)

Im steve from north wales. jut developed a bit of a Nerf adiction with the christmas sales. Picked up a stryfe, Retaliator, flipfury in argo's sale and got a hyperfire for chrstmas as well. (plus a tri-strike and ecs-10 in tesco clearance)

I purchased some 12 dart mags in ebay that just arrived today turned out to be garbage. (ok i will make them work as 11 dart after i file them down a bit thanks to a thread on here)

Have any of you tried the 18 Clear magazones that are up on ebay are they made any better?

link to the listing

Hi there and welcome.

Actually just spotted these last night, would be interested to hear too.

All the knock off mags are similar quality. Heres how to fix the 12's they still only hold 11 unless you cut down the followers. The clear knock offs should fit better but if they don't then just do the same mod to the mag release slot as the 12's. They have no rubber corners and feeding isn't always as slick as the Nerf ones.

I'll give them a try see how they are. Worth a punt.

Thanks for the video. Just need to pop n get a small file tomorrow.

You can use a nail board, sandpaper glued to scrap plastic or a nail file, the plastic is soft enough. Needle file is a useful nerfing tool though.

a nail file did the trick perfectly. got them working in both my styfe and relaiator ok. Will have to test them in the others tonight.

Will have to see if the 18 dart ones will need the same modification when they arrive

Welcome to the forum Smile

Just recieved my mags. only got a strafe in the car to test with but fits fine with no filing needed. I recived two mags. one is absolutly perfect. The other the spring was not bent quite right so kept getting stuck. Just opened it up and a quick squeeze with a pair of nedlenose and it is working fine. They do Hold 18 darts perfectly.

Thanks for giving those a go, I had my eye on those as well. Will probably pick up a couple of the clear 18s instead of smaller banana ones since they're decent.


I have had some issue with knock off mags with slow feeding (for flywheels) and horrible misfeeding jams (in springers) and although you can fix it, and it sounds like you have. I have personally found it is 'Nerf or nothin' when it comes to mag reliability and hardiness.

If you keep an eye out on gumtree, ebay, sphock (or visit the odd car boot sale) you can often find original Nerf mags going cheap as part of a bundle of other stuff, especially for local collection.
It can take a while but you can get a good collection of good mags and resell the bits you don't need.

I find the Rapid strike 18 clear Nerf mags are the best personally and have finally collected 4 of them, despite dropping them accidentally many times they are also very tough!

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