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Holy Mother of Nerf

Smyths Toy Store has recently opened in Peterborough... I've never been in one before and I was amazed.
It's at least 700 times better than my Toys R Us has soo many blasters!



Ahh Smyths, I'll never forget walking into the store and seeing a vast sea of Nerf for the first time. It's so beautiful.

Amazing. Might have to make the journey from Cambridge  Cool

Yeah, my local tru had a pokey corner of Nerf, choked with obvious dead stock. My local Smyths is a whole other thing. The main aisle is big enough then (I apologise in advance for this) with a rebelle aisle she cried more, more, more...

Still, I've got a soft spot for Argos, it's like a portal into All The Things.

I hit my knees as I was overwhelmed by the glory... Hell even the lass at the till asked me if I had any wars planned.

Good Heavens! That's a lot of Nerf!

smyths is so much better than toys r us, i think my nearest toys r us is starting to stock less and less Nerf!

Toys r us stock blaster that smyths don't though

I love how they have marked it up all wrong. As if it is just for "teens".

At least the apostrophe's right...

My god justa, you're as obsessive as me. Definitely appreciate the placement myself and it worries me how much I care.

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