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Homemade Blaster Sleeve


I'm sure that this is the right home for this, but if it isn't mods, please move it and let me know where it belongs for future reference.

Ok, let's start. †After Bristol Blast 3's last minute change of venue had me traipsing across The Downs with heapings of Nerf paraphernalia and a blaster, that while conforming to all the necessary legislation, made me feel conspicuous (it was nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with the cowboy hat). †I made a decision, although I hadn't realised I'd made it until about 3 or 4 nights ago.

I needed some sort of carrying device for The Kraken (my pump action Retaliator for the uninitiated... I'm still persevering with it lol), a blaster bag, if you will. †So I took to Google and searched away. †I scoured Amazon, eBay, Gumtree, many, many Airsoft websites and military surplus websites. †Only to be presented with fairly expensive options (the cheapest being around £20) that would most likely be too big anyway. †I left Google disappointed.

A day or two later, whilst clearing out a wardrobe to make some storage space available for my drums and magazines, I happened across an old pair of trousers and an old pair of jeans. †These used to belong to a fatter version of me, and whilst I still have some pounds to shed, these tents no longer fitted me.

So I repurposed them. †I thought to myself, I'm supposed to be, trying to be, a "modder"... why did I instinctively look to the internet to buy a solution to my problem, when I could make a solution to my problem.

I cut the legs off them, sewed the ends up, and put one of the trouser legs inside the jeans legs to make a double skin, and offer a little more protection. †I sewed some velcro on the inside to securely fasten the top, for when a blaster is stowed away, and then used the waistband of the jeans to add a handle.

Then I made another one, so I have two. †This may all seem fairly straight forward to you guys, but it was a revelation to me. †I'm rubbish at sewing, but function over form - as long as it works, am I right?

Anyway, sorry for the long post, I wanted to share with you my homemade blaster bags, that I'll be using to transport my blasters to and from events from now on - hopefully not worrying the overly nosy passerby in the process.

And if I can do it, anyone can do it.


Nice job for a first outing. Smile This gets me thinking, I should probably get myself some bags for carriage. All my gear is currently either in marching order (i.e. full Bergen with blaster out ready in combat mode) or stuffed into the back of the van - there's no inbetween!

How do you find the denim holds its shape? Some of the cheaper rifle sleeves can leave lump bits in your back or your leg if you're carrying them which I find is irritating.

I was looking a Twibs skeletal sniper rifle and thinking that would be cool in it's own little carry case ready to to be snapped together like a hit man..  Maybe this is the solution.

Excellent! Very nice  Very Happy

Boff wrote:
How do you find the denim holds its shape?

Thanks Boff, the denim has had plenty of wear and tear through use, so it's pretty flexible.  It does sag a bit when a blaster is in there.  The main purpose was to protect the blaster when transporting from the house, via car boot (with all the other junk I need to take with me) and into the venue... and back again.  

So in terms of it being "lumpy", this hasn't been thought out in such a way as to be carried on your back.  However, with a slight adjustment using some foam padding stuffed between the denim and the trousers, you could get something that could be turned into a comfortable bag like item that could be carried on your person.

Really like the simplicity of this. I just threw out some old pants, wish I hadn't now, damn. For added awesome, you could use a pocket for a six mag...

Minky wrote:
I was looking a Twibs skeletal sniper rifle and thinking that would be cool in it's own little carry case ready to to be snapped together like a hit man.. †Maybe this is the solution.

Hey! You can't do that before me!  Wink I had thought about going to the expense of buying an ally flight case thing to put it in...
On another note: I've inspired someone! Yay!

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