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How many darts do you need?

A friend of mine has been messaging me this morning asking about coming along to a Nerf war in the near future, which is great, because the more the merrier, right? He says he's got loads of blasters and gear, but it immediately got me thinking about what it was like turning up as a newbie, being worried about not having enough stuff.

Following on from the various after action reports and chats about gear and load outs, it's all got me thinking about the number of darts a person needs to carry for a war.

For example, at BB6 both Boff and I ran 9 magazines each, but seldom needed to use more than 6 in a round. The difference being that Boff ran 18 round mags (162 darts), and I ran 12 round mags (108 darts). Both of us were running semi-auto flywheels.

I noticed that a lot of the "more serious" amongst us there were running some form of mag storage pouch with a bunch of mags stuffed in them.

So how many darts should you aim to carry on you?

Ok, to be more specific, if you're doing a day of staged battles, lasting 2-10 minutes a pop, and have an easily reached point to reload darts into mags for 10 minutes between rounds, how many darts should you aim to carry on you?

Is this going to be a how long is a piece of string type question, or do you feel there's an optimum amount for these sorts of wars?

For example, I'd go out on a limb and say that if you've got a flywheel or a slam-fire springer, you're probably going to want to aim to have about 100 darts for most games.

But what're your thoughts on this? Is there an optimum amount, or is it game/player/blaster dependent? I'm not looking for a definitive answer, more to hear other people's perspectives, experiences and reasoning.

If you are at BB, GuN, Wolfpack or FDT the answer is zero.
I made this post about gear and with nearly every rig in that a single 30 pack or the events pool supply will sort any new player out.
I never bring less than 200 darts per person if I go to a community event because it's under 7.50 for that many and it grows the pool. I rarely run less than 8 18xs because I have the capacity to shoot lots of darts therefore I do.
We regularly play pistol only HvZ at FWA, that has a 12 shot max limit, front loader only. You can pick off the floor but that's it.
Honestly nobody needs to worry about how many darts to bring to dart pool event, that's why we have them. You can have a ball with a strongarm and a handful of darts.

Well in my experiences at GuN I usually have two stryfes akimbo with 36 drums and rarely run out of darts during the kids games. This is good as I often don't get chance to reload before the next game starts.

The adult games I run 18's (drums don't fit with a vector kit) and I usually have 3 18's and I might run out but it's not often, mainly due to being semi auto, if I was running a Rapidstrike/Hyperfire I would need a lot more.

OldNoob wrote:
Honestly nobody needs to worry about how many darts to bring to dart pool event, that's why we have them. You can have a ball with a strongarm and a handful of darts.

Sorry, I should have been a bit more specific in my question; it wasn't how many to bring to the event, but more how many you should be looking to carry on you.

Depends on the type of player you are and how dart hungry your blaster is
I've only actually reached for my 12s on two occasions as I run a 25 drum in a springer, I like to keep it topped up between waves of enemy players
But this may just be due to the game types I've played in.

But I keep 4x 12s
And have 100 spare darts in a tub

I would say number of darts carried in PvP is about 3x that for HvZ and players should have enough to feed their immediate rate of consumption.
The rest is down to personal preference or self control.
Otherwise it's a case of "by the time I need those there will be plenty lying on the ground."

I'll be going to my first war next month and I was wondering about what to take. I'm planning on 4x 18s since I'll be running my EAT and that sounds like a reasonable amount in my head, if it's not enough then I'll have a dump bag with a few handfuls of darts for the Hammershot.

11x Magstrike clips, so 110 darts...

It doesn't last long to say the least

In terms of carriage aspiration which is what I assume Treezy is talking about, you want enough. I know that sounds trite but it really does vary. I only took 9 magazines this time around because I was running a belt system. My normal vest load out would see me take 13. I was a lot more reserved than I normally would be with fire  because I was very concious that I wasn't as practised with my re-load technique as my vest which would have reduced my combat capability. I also found myself in a bit more of a leadership/co-ordination role rather than as a point man which will further reduce my needs. If I'm running a full heavy load out then I've got a dump pouch or two full of loose on top of my magazines that I top off as I run, particularly in protracted engagements like GC.

Incidentally, you should never be stationary in an active game. You're either engaging the opposing team or you're returning to respawn and topping off mags. The great bit about constant top off is that it reduces the number of physical magazines you have to invest in because you're scavenging and keeping the ammo flowing in that way.

I would recommend you try and see how you go. Just add more and more each war until you find the right level of carriage for your level of engagement. It's what I've done these past 6 years. Very Happy

Last FDT event I played in I used the superdrum which holds 40 darts.

The skatepark events involve constant scavenging and reloading after the initial onslaught. I topped off as I went and also usually did two full reloads each game so I'd guess I'd have been using around 150 ish per game. Play style your pretty much in about it all the time.

But as ON says you dont need to bring any darts with you to most games

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