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How much does a waffle tip dart hurt

Needing to build a new dart pool, and with yellow koosh almost impossible to find with uk or Chinese sellers, I've been buying other colours... but this month I decided to take the chance on some white waffle tip darts. They are roughly half the price of the main uk koosh seller, so potentially a good buy...

Mine arrived, and first up, foam quality seems a little bit poorer than koosh, a few more squished ones than I'd expect, but once in a blaster they sprung back to shape. Colour wise, the bright white with bright orange tip is brilliant for my eyesight, and of the 30 we've put thru the spylight and disruptor over the last few days, none have got lost.

But, I had my concerns, reinforced by OldNoobs comments about using them, about the flat tip. So I got my daughters 2 IMR fearless fire, loaded it up and fired it at my bare arm from about 2 foot away... (photos taken within 30 seconds)

Yeah, they sting a bit. But in the interests of 'empirical'. Testing, I grabbed some fresh koosh, and fired them at my other bare arm

Surprisingly, I felt the koosh stung more. Though you can quite clearly see a much tighter grouping on the shots, even more impressive when you consider that's fired in my offhand...

There was one more obvious test. Elites...

What momma... why do we let kids use these. I only fired 6 before I wussed out

So, are waffle tips ok? I've only used them in the fearless fire and spylight/disruptor so far, but they fire well, hurt about as much as a koosh, and for the cost, I'll certainly be investing in more

The KE of the waffle tips is higher, as they are heavier. Technically that would "sting" more assuming all darts dissipated their energy equally. Some darts deform on impact better than others and waffles are fairly squishy despite their greater mass. I would say they are safe, based on my personal game experience, where eye pro is mandatory.
I have 200 waffles in the pool for my 100fps events, kids report them hitting harder but all want to use them for their better flight characteristics, despite being droppy.

Have you got a link to the waffle tips you used?

What do you mean by waffle tip?

link to the waffle tips

Weirdly, looks like buying 5 of the 200 packs works out a couple of quid cheaper than buying the 1000 pack

@Scout: I think the knee darts were nicknamed it, and then the Chinese copied them cheaply, and the waffle tip name stuck. Tip has a a flat head, a central 'walls' and flat levels coming off it, looks like a stack of waffles...

I have a few hundred waffle-tips for indoor battles with the children in my small cottage (ie. at close range). I reckon they're pretty good all round darts - no more painful than being shot with an elite, and I think less painful, though I haven't conducted any tests to prove that.

Any idea if the foam quality varies with the colour, I see the white ones seem way cheaper than the blue and red?

We have red and white: can't see any difference in the foam quality.

Cheers, Ive taken a punt on 200 white ones to see how they are, gutted though just ordered a 1000 koosh last week and these are half the price.

By the way, on the dart pool issue, you can certainly have a few hundred GuN darts to help get started.

BGUK -  literally taking several for the community.

Perhaps refs can carry different dart types in magazines on their rig.  Coloured like referee cards you could give a green (Koosh/Waffle),  yellow (elite/FVJ),  Red (some horrific thing with a scalpel in the end..  Well..  You get the idea).

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