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How to Gear Up For Games

With wars proliferating faster than ever, I thought it was time for a proper kit suggestions guide.
This one is aimed squarely at people looking to do their first few events, its not for all the tac gear heads, you all know what you want, go and get it from Boff.

Hopefully this will help a few game organisers too, as they can share the post with new players or link it on their event pages.

Right, its your first game, what do you need? Simply a reliable front loader (anything Elite will do!) a pair of safety specs and something to carry loose darts. This illustrates my dart bags I loan out to stop everyone crushing the pool darts in their pockets and walking off with them at the end! With a bag you can quickly pick up any loose darts to keep your blaster going. All this equipment is supplied as loaners at all FWA events.

Now, you might have a mag fed blaster, if so you will likely need another mag, put it in a cargo shorts pocket or use a flip clip.  Cheap off brand 12 mags (they only hold 11 darts though!) are a useful way of increasing your capacity for £3 each.
If you are running anything bigger then a sling is useful, as is a jolt in the pouch (not illustrated!)

This applies equally to flywheel blasters. You can mod them easily and they are adaptable to a number of roles.

If you are playing regularly then a couple of mags is a worthwhile purchase, so you will need to cary them. A belt mounted pouch for three mags (this is a Blastersmiths Miranda) is a good way to carry spares. You can keep your loose dart pouch too, as well as the jolt.
This could be considered an entry level HvZ rig too, with a springer or flywheeler. Note sling and sturdy belt. An added dump pouch would be useful for day games.

Now, if you are playing a day game of HvZ where you want a bit more firepower, or you want a larger secondary, you can expand your belt rig with a holster, either drop leg, straight or cross draw or belt mounted. A stock is a very useful addition to help aiming. Mags should really be 18 dart sticks or the 22 dart workers.

If you like a springer primary, the same rules apply but the stock should be considered essential, especially if you have uprated the mainspring.

So there you have it, entry level gear across the board. If you want to future proof your gear, order Molle  mounted mag pouches then you can use my latest design, "Belt Ups" to convert them to a belt mount. These are made from 25mm webbing and velcro. Look out for a video guide and write up or "hassle the  Boff" to make his version.
The beauty of a belt rig is that it can be expanded a bit at a time and the initial cost is just the belt! Charity shops can be good places to get a belt for £1 and you can add gear as you go. With the right punches its perfectly possible to tote 9 mags and a holster as well as a dump pouch.
You can also use a battle belt or the cheaper Molle belt panels to use pure Molle from the off, but obviously this adds costs.

I like the bag idea

Only real changes i'd make are adding a dump pouch/bag on the high end setup, and as we've discussed a couple of times, a decent set of knee pads if your older and decrepit

I added the dump bag in text. I wanted to not look at secondary equipment like water bottles etc but focus on the stuff people ask about most.

This is a really Great Guide, really well explained. Maybe should be sticked as it is so useful...

This guide is spot on in terms of how I've progressed through carrying and using Nerf gear.

Worth noting as well that I've come full circle and ended up back at the start of the list with just a front loader and dart pouch on a rig!

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