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With regards to the kids getting over excited and getting trigger happy between games, this sounds a bit harsh but understanding the severity of getting hit point blank in the eye. Could we introduce a warning system, do it once get a warning, again and your out.

Boff , I think your proposal is a good idea. We allready split the players up we could try having team captains at Bristol Blast 4. They play but keep an eye on their team and make sure everyone is being safe.

Edit: I'm also bloody impressed with the turnout! Good going guys!

I have a simple rule, the hooter goes at the end of the game, all blasters go in slings, holsters or on the bench. You shoot outside the game, you get one warning. Do it again you sit the next game out until you can learn manners, shoot outside the game again and you go home as you clearly are not mature enough for the game.
Applies equally to all players, kids and adults.

^ This works. Shooting happens during games, nothing else.

I think having a pair of team captains with radios is a good idea, if only to act as projections of the marshal's will. Really hard not to get 40k references in here. Centralising a formal brief would help, too. Hand it to all event staff and captains at the start so we know what rules are what to avoid the need for cross talk and repetition. It would contain things like a reminder of the CoC etc. Likewise, getting a laminated game type rule book sorted would prevent confusion, too.

Just spit-balling things to reduce the need for yelling and shouting. Smile

Boff wrote:

Just spit-balling things to reduce the need for yelling and shouting. Smile

Nonsense, you love shouting too much 😁

The emphasis was on reducing the need. Razz

I will get that rule book put together in PDF format and printed in A5 format for BB4, even if I'm not there I'll find a way of getting it to you.

All players receive a copy of my T&C  which state " shooting of blasters outside of games is not permitted" along with the sanctions employed should people decide rules don't apply to them. I have also displayed them in A3 on the wall at new venues. If I was GuN I would be ensuring those T&C were clear and widely circulated.
Registering all players is a good idea, that way you have contact details should anything happen to any players and when people sign the reg form you include the T&C and a note on the reg form to say in signing you accept the T&C. It's worked very well, with risk assessments, in protecting me from both litigation and angry parents. I keep the consents (children) and registrations (adults) in a folder with me, then I can ask "is that your signature?"  When they say yes I can then point out the relevant passage in the T&C.
Kids generally follow the pervading culture, if the adults or oder kids set a good example, the kids will imitate it, same for new guys.

Now there's a fucking genius idea. Very Happy PVC banner with an organisational logo, a CoC summary on it and a few other bits and pieces that can be hung or stuck to a wall in the bench area. Anyone handy with graphic design?

If we are going with radios, too, you're going to want to modify the T&C to either ban player radios or restrict which PMR channels they can use. Just so you don't get channel blocking, back chatter and general shit on your marshal channels. Smile

Boff wrote:
Now there's a fucking genius idea. Very Happy PVC banner with an organisational logo, a CoC summary on it and a few other bits and pieces that can be hung or stuck to a wall in the bench area. Anyone handy with graphic  design? Smile

I used MS word, a photocopier and A3 laminator, wasn't hard to do. Obviously a nice shiny one would be great and people wouldn't be able to miss it.

Excellent, sounds like we have a plan! Standard Britnerf code of conduct. We're getting all professional now.

A full standardised code of conduct will be in the Game Organisers pack when we launch in the new year. GuN have a good one they wrote, I have one for mine. Happy to send you a copy for BB.
With my "moderator" hat on I felt this deserved its own thread, so I split it, as it leaves room one the GuN thread for their players and organisers to discuss specifics.

Agreed on the topic split. Smile

I had mulled the idea of things like drop zones for teams with dart supplies for both of them. You then release players into the play space at the start of the game for team games or a fixed time before hand for things like death match to give them time to disperse. Anyone not in the drop zone by the specific time sits out the round. That way you have a contained area to keep ready players corralled and can make sure they're briefed. You can then have marshals setting up the play space and what nots if necessary.

The only exception to the 'no shooting outside of games' rule ought to be the chronograph zone for obvious reasons.

Good call on splitting the thread.
Please could you send me the code of conduct, it will be handy for BB.
I'll PM you my Email address.

A Chrono zone will be a good idea as we can have a controlled firing zone.

During Bristol Blast 4 I will do a briefing beforehand and ensure that everyone is absolutely sure of the rules and fireing zones ect...

I'm sorry I missed this conversation, but it all sounds really good. I like pretty much all the suggestions, and we do need to get some proper marshalling going on.  The main issue I think we may have is most people will want to play the game instead of marshalling - just need to agree on a system, volunteer or whatever and make it work.

Marshal rotation is the way to make it work. Have a couple of people rostered that don't have to make a dart contribution or pay anything provided they do x amount of time. At BUZAN we had the society committee who were expected to run things and play. Likewise GC has some refs that are able to play for short periods in exchange for not paying the event fee for the weekend. Smile

I just wanted to say these are superb ideas. Love the drop zone and strike rule ideas. Additionally, adult example plays a massive role. Great convo and useful to see others' ideas.

NewportNerfers concerns mirror my own. I struggle to justify asking Justajolt and OldManNerf to help run stuff, because I'd rather it be me that misses out than them, and while the idea of using them as embedded deputies with radios will reduce the guilt, it's always in my mind that people have made a big trip to come to the event so they shouldn't be expected to help do stuff.

I know it's not the best way to run the event...

I don't think it would be an imposition for the adult players to take a turn or two helping to referee the games with the larger numbers of younger players, even if they have travelled to attend (which echo Dazzles sentiments on the post game thread).

We get about 4 hours of possible game time, including an hour or more of 13+ only games where one referee is sufficient so it's not as if 20 minutes helping out is going to make that much difference to the overall day.

I even sat out a game on Saturday so i could child mind Justajolts daughter so he could get fully involved - if you ask people will respond to your request.....

Agreed. Sharing the load is critical, it prevents burn out and allows everyone to take part. Though planning ahead of time always helps so that people know what's going on. Smile

You know I've already offered to help Marshall GuN11

All good ideas. Mr FDT has a really good system in place for the events and there are very few incidents of shooting in between games. There is a blaster safe zone where all blasters are stored between games so no one has a blaster in hand during breaks and rule talks, works a treat. I don't mind packing my whistle and giving  a helping hand marshal at GUN when i'm attending.

I have a query on the 'no shooting outside of games' rule that is proposed, what happens when there is a blaster malfunction and you want to test it after unjamming it, would you have to wait until the next game to see if it now works, or would there be a place to test it without invoking the warning for shooting at the wrong time?

The chrono area would seem the sensible location for that

Yep as BigAl stated, we have a "safezone" which is "miles" away from where we chat between games.

It works in 2 ways - no-one gets shot by accident and when we tell everyone the rules of the next game they actually listen because they aren't too busy fiddling with their blasters.

Been using these as "blaster dumps" between games not the biggest but only need to hold 10 stinger/jolts each.

Definitely helps seperating players from blasters.

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