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daniel k

HPA vs air compressor vs bike pump

Due to Ryan from MTB's ultra sledgefire video:
I am exploring a high-pressure air blaster alternative primary with a secondary stryfle. My question is: has anyone got hpa experience? Would I be allowed to use it? And is it better than a regular air compressor? I have used hpa in paintball and have researched it previously, but that's about it.

They're all the same really, the only difference is capacity.

A standard air tank/manual pump setup will generally give you one shot (or several with a FA air blaster) before you have to pump it again. With HPA there is no need to pump between shots, the tank will hold enough air to last ages.

There are three disadvantages to a HPA setup.
Valves, regulators and tanks are expensive unless you can get hold of a cheap paintball marker or the like.
In order to recharge your tank you'll need a beefy compressor. Car tyre compressors won't cut it, you need the real deal to get anywhere above 40psi.
HPA is relatively dangerous if you're not careful. Forget exploding tanks, that almost never happens but if a line ruptures or a valve breaks you can have issues.
daniel k

So an air compressor is the best bet?

Using a Nerf air tank and small compressor is the simplest, cheapest method.

I've not really looked into it for a long time. Perhaps I'll have a crack at it some day.
daniel k

OK thanks. To buy a drain blaster, I must go!

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