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- edit - Now with a video!
- edit 2 - Here's a video I made a couple of years ago when I first had the idea Smile

I've been working on a little something for the past few weeks, I have christened it "The Hyper-Pi-Fire".

So what is the Hyper-Pi-Fire you may be asking?

It's a Hyperfire with an integrated Raspberry Pi computer with camera module. What this means is that I'm able to take 8mp photos and full HD video by pressing buttons on the side of my blaster.

The only issue, and I don't feel it's really an issue, is that the video's recorded are silent due to the camera module not having a microphone. I don't feel it's really an issue as most of the time the footage would just have a soundtrack of whirring motors anyway.

After trying out the recording functionality at GuN6 this weekend I have learnt a few things, the first is that if I'm not paying attention to the fact that I'm recording video then it looks way to shaky, while the second is that the video footage is currently flipped horizontally so I need to update the python code to fix this.

I'm also thinking I might add a fish eye lens to the front... need to test this.

Example footage

This project has been a lot of fun for me for a few reasons,

1) I have had to learn how to solder properly
2) I have had to get over my fear of that Voodoo known as 'electronics'
3) I have had to learn some basic Python coding
4) I have had to actually use my hands and saw/file and drill things.

The original plan was for me to integrate the power supply into the blaster as well, I have seen small kits that allow the Pi to run off a small mobile phone battery. But for testing I started to use a cheap USB portable battery and it's worked so well I've kept using it. In the future this might change, but for now I'm quite happy with it.

The pi has wifi (when plugged into the USB port) that allows me to access the Pi when I'm at home either via samba so I can copy the recorded media off the Pi or to access via SSH so I can update the code/write more etc etc

As this is a computer not a specialist dedicated unit, it means I can alter what it is the Pi can do. For example I can use a different script and turn it into a live streaming video that you can watch on another computer if you wanted (as long as there is wifi).  Or make the camera take a photo every 5 seconds so a time lapse is put together...whatever!?!?

Link to the whole IMGUR album,

Having seen this in person, the integration is great, I saw the cables before I noticed the buttons or camera, its that well done.

Congratulations tbr, you've done something I was pondering doing, but in a really good way

I too saw this in action for the first time at GuN 6 and although the Pi side of things worked flawlessly the hyperfire didn't lol.
Various battery issues and battery adaptor (TBR was running 2 IMR's) I have instructed Ross to go the Lipo route lol, whether he listens is another matter lol (my kids don't listen so why should TBR) as it would solve two issues, Firstly the battery compartment on these blasters is cavernous as far as putting a 2s cell in and still have oodles of room left, into which he could put a dedicated power supply for the Pi giving the blaster cleaners lines again and possibly solving his slight interference issue he has due to running the battery so close to the camera in it's current set-up.
Food for thought, the one point that became very apparent on these blasters is the toothed belt needing slightly bigger teeth.
But all in all I am very impressed with the workmanship that's gone into this blaster.

This is awesome. Great use of the space in the Hyperfire, I wouldn't worry about the audio.

I would take Dazzles advice and look into a LiPo solution, superior to IMRs. Especially now you have got comfortable with soldering, motors and battery connectors should be a breeze compared to the Pi.

Did look amazing im very intrested to see they footage that you have gotten from it Razz< also love the photo of me hugging my swarm fire Smile

Thanks for the nice words above Smile

Dazzle740 wrote:
he could put a dedicated power supply for the Pi giving the blaster cleaners lines

I was thinking about this last night, the issue I think I would have doing this is that I would need to run a good quality USB cable through the entire innards of the blaster and those USB cables are a bit thick.

Also the video footage recorded at GuN doesn't seem to have any interference, and I think it is down to the fact that I didn't have the wifi module plugged in at the time (wasn't needed) so that meant there was one less thing to draw power or it could be the wifi interfering itself. Either way this is good Smile

That is very clever and a great use of that front end on the blaster.

And the pics of various players from GuN make us look like normal people who just happen to enjoy Nerfing, which is an added bonus Smile

If the whirring motors are a problem, why not put a microphone somewhere else? For example, put one near your head to record you and people around you, and then edit it on top of the videos later?

The lack of interference is a bonus, but still get it Lipo'd your flywheel motors will love you for it!!!!

this is awesome! it is a shame not having any sound but like Rex said, put a microphone some where on your self?

Okay, this is awesome! Great work man

Just a little bump...

I've edited the first post to include a quick little video I made on this Smile

So I made my blaster live stream to YouTube, here's some crappy test footage. The quality is a bit poo so this isn't something I'm going to bother messing with.

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