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Hyperfire drive train motor

Does anyone one know what size that motor actually is?
And has anyone gone about replacing it and can recommend a motor?

It looks from Hawki007 s video ( ) that the only way to get a MTB 130 in there would be to create some of cradle to keep it in place.


SSGT and a I helped a nerfer called Steve with this same question. Here's his experience fitting a rhino conveyor motor.
" I finally got a chance to work on the Hyperfire again.  Since I ordered a handful of MTB Rhino's I decided to do my best and epoxy fill the conveyor housing so that the smaller frame motor would fit.  With a little effort I got it to fit nicely, and to my astonishment, the damn thing worked.  Full speed ahead on the remainder of the build!  I replaced the stock flywheels (motors) with the same Rhino's I used for the conveyor.  A 3 rhino Hyperfire!  Sounds exciting doesn't it?  Don't get too excited.  My testing with a 3s LiPo, 20c, 2100 mah was dismal.  Although the rate of fire was far and away better than stock, the performance of the flywheels was a downgrade from stock.  It almost seemed like there was a major sag in power when I pressed the trigger and fired up the conveyor.  I plan on rewiring the flywheels with a brand new pair.  One note is that I could feel the side of the blaster, where the flywheels are start to get warm after emptying a few mags.  I pulled out the LiPo for fear of some kind of short."

As you can see he was able to get that working, but I suspect there was a fault in his flywheel wiring. I would use styrene sheet to construct your motor cradle rather than putty, or kick Boff to make an insert.

I believe the stock motor is the equivalent of an FA260 (metal brush flat-can 260 - if Mabuchi made such a thing). FC260, FK260, FC280 or FK280 should all fit (although you may need to do a bit of cutting for the 280s) but there aren't as many good options available in those sizes as there are FK130/180s. I'm still not too sure of the effective gear ratio of the conveyor-gearbox system (i.e. the gear ratio and the effective length/pulley diameter of the conveyor itself) either, so it's quite hard to suggest precisely what would be good specs for a replacement. From what others have said it's probably not a million miles away from RS gearing which, if that is the case, means one of the commonly used 130/180 motors with a couple of shims (or screw fastenings if possible) would probably be the best way to go anyway.

What a lot of people have had problems with is dart stability when upping the flywheel motor RPM (either when upping the voltage for the stock motors or replacing them with something else). There might not be a lot you can do about that without scrapping the existing cage and finding some other solution though.

OldNoob wrote:
I decided to do my best and epoxy fill the conveyor housing so that the smaller frame motor would fit.

Im currently working on a hyperpistol, and I did the exact same thing as ON. What found out is that you have to carve out places for the solder tags and be careful not to get putty in the moving parts/ hole for the motor shaft to pass through.

Drac lied to us Rolling Eyes

I'm working on the shit show that is the Hyper-fire. However it's going to take a while as I not only have to re-print the flywheel cage (something I've never done before) I'm also going to have to create a cradle for the rear end motor. It's in the queue of things to do but given the car crash that is the HF, it's a long way down the list. Until Rapidstrikes start dropping off the availability roster it's never going to be a priority...

If you look at my post, that wasn't me who did that Hyperfire.
Anyone relying on Drac for mod advice should give up reading this forum as they clearly haven't learnt anything.
My idea of hyperfire modding is to toss it in the skip and build a RS instead, but seeing as SSGT and I had helped Steve with the same issue, I thought Steve's experiences might help.

Thanks for everyone's input.
I was thinking that if you were to upgrade everything bar that stock motor wouldn't it burn it out?

I watched that Drac video too. After him slapping text all over the video saying he'd been wrong initially and it was 130 I thought he must have sized it..  Then I saw a comment,  'Drac I bought a Honey Badger to fit there but it's too small,  what should I do?'  No answer..

You will have to replace the conveyor motor for anything over 2s.
The issue isn't so much the failsome belt drive, it's the crappy flywheel cage that's your main problem. If you put rhinos in it you hit the critical point for the canted wheels causing the darts to whirlybird because the flywheels are spinning too fast for the cant angle.
This problem will only be solved with a flat flywheel cage.
Britnerf should be your go to source for mod information, there's a reason the rest of the world comes here when they want a proper answer.

I'm just toying with the idea at the moment (Project Ambition is still in production) but I'd certainly be taking out the standard FWC.

I don't mind putting my hand up to still watching certain you tubers that I now know to be.. Erm.. Bloody stupid rather than bleeding edge? For entertainment value/range of opinion rather than anything serious..  He just made such a big deal about saying it was a 130 I trusted it. The fool that I am. Can't believe he hasn't gone back and edited it or least amended it in the text.

I'm fitting the Typhon with a DRS plastic FWC with Hellcats. Either success or failure will be a learning experience and dictate where I go with future builds.

That's a very sensible approach. Flywheel cages are something we are short of for "made in the U.K." mod parts. DRS printed ones are nicely made, I just wouldn't bother with the canting.

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