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I need your Help! Bad day at work.

Everything is sh!t here today at work, i need cheering up!

So it falls to you guys to do so, I know you can.

Motivational posters and emotional crap should be left at the door. De-motivational posters and Cat pictures are allowed.

Hopefully if anyone else is having a bad day, this will help them also.

Stuff like this cheers me up

I am young to cheer you up. I dispatched your Demolisher via special delivery at 9.15 this morning. It is on it's way to you as we speak.

This one for you too- Yahoo Questions
Q- What is the proper name for a fear of chainsaws?

A- Common sense.

Actually, I forgot that was on it's way. That does cheer me up.

Also, the yahoo question is also very funny!

First of all, this is post number 19500, which is amazing from such a small community!

With that momentous milestone out the way I would like to give BPN a silly link to say thank you for the Zombie Apocalypse thread, which kept us all adding up our mags all weekend!

It should also be noted that out of 19500 posts fewer than 2000 of them are me raging to the point of aneurysm. I thinks that's a greater feat. Very Happy

I wanted to buy some right handed scissors today, but the guy said they didn't have any left. So I bought some scissors.

Seeing as Boff forgot his silly link, I thought I would put two in.

One from me, as an English graduate, and one for Boff pre coffee.

Here's another good one. Seems like my place!

And for the IT Techys among us...

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