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I will just leave these here

Some fresh stuff on the ol' chinese ebay. As a massive hammershot fan I did the most sensible thing and ordered both kits.

A new take on a stryfle too!

i'm not feeling the hammershot love with these.  I love my hammershot but this just feels like a way to slow the darts down

I kinda agree with you but I love the looks of these so much!

I love nothing more than "to change the appearance of stiff plastic cow." But thank you for pointing these out, I think I will have to get one. Can you update with which looks better once they get to you?

THe HS-00 is very cool. (maybe it's just the colour choices but the other one doesn't work as well in those pics, for me, it's a more interesting piece but it's not as good a match...)

As usual, fabulous translations 😂

Im liking that first hammershot one, i know it doesnt actually look like it but it some how reminded me of Deckards LAPD 2019 from blade runner.

The Hammershot is one of my fav and I always buy kits/upgrades for them but this kits are just damn ugly  Sad

I love the HS - 03

I love my Hammershots, but I do not love these kits.

Great that there a new things coming out.

The stryfe kit looks really ugly. That poor stryfe.
The Dark Kitten

Dustybin wrote:
The stryfe kit looks really ugly. That poor stryfe.

I can't agree more.
F10555 kits are much better for stryfe's this just seems unnatural.
The Hammershot kit seems a bit nicer but in my opinion but i still wouldn't go out of my way to get one.
Where as F10555's MP5 kits, XM8 kits, Skorpian Evo and so much more i would go out and spend the money.
These are just a handfull

I think the stryfe looks pretty rad, it's based off the sig mpx which is a super hot gun to own right now in the states because it shoots 9mm cheap ammo and uses the keymod attachment system. Just cool to see different designs. Here is another one of theirs[url][/url]

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